Drawing: One Stroke Recovery by Miroslavo

One Stroke Recovery

I created two new drawings called One Stroke Recovery. This time, as the title suggests, I made them with a single stroke of a ballpoint pen on black paper. An impulsive work of art fuelled by the urge to create. One Stroke Recovery – Part 1/2 One Stroke Recovery – Part 2/2

[:en]The Journey: Digital art by Miroslavo[:] [:cs]Digitální kresba: Cesta Miroslavo[:] [:es]El viaje: Dibujo digital de Miroslavo[:]

Jaké je to jít si za svým

[blockquote text=”Čím rychleji plujete proti proudu, tím je odpor silnější.” line_height=”undefined” show_quote_icon=”yes” quote_icon_color=”#ccc”] Dělat co mě baví a naplňuje život je dar sám o sobě a jsem za to vděčný den co den. Život mi ze začátku nadělil spoustu výhod a prostředků k tomu, abych si mohl vybrat co chci v životě dělat. Úpřímně ta cesta …

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Creative Flow Drawing by Miroslavo

Creating Comes Natural to the Human Soul

Human beings are meant employ their creativity. All kids are inventive and imaginative. It’s when they are challenged by adulthood and society, the internal fights start to take charge. Creating again like a kid but with an adult brain then becomes a very difficult task. But the good news is that everyone can achieve it. [:]

[:en]Painting: Road to Happiness by Miroslavo[:es]Painting: Road to Happiness by Miroslavo[:cs]Malba: Cesta ke štěstí[:]

Painting Road to Happiness

I painted Road to Happiness when I freshly moved to Barcelona in 2016. This was my first painting that I have done. I felt I had something to say about all the changes that I have gone through the year prior to the move. I’m sharing a few pictures from the creation process. [:]

Flying Bird at Isla Holbox, Mexico

One Always Returns to Those Places Where He Loves Life. Isla Holbox.

Isla Holbox, México located north of the Yucatán peninsula is a place where humans have kept its virginity in check. With its raw nature, the wonderful Caribbean and tasteful cuisine, it remains one of the few last places where you can experience peace, tranquillity and great energy without being too distracted by tourism, Americanisation or construction sites. …

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