An Artist with a Purpose

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Art. Art is freedom. Art is hope. Art is something that makes me feel like a feather gliding through the air. It’s a feeling that I experience only through creating something out of my emotions, thoughts, and ponders.

I paint because I have to. It’s food for my soul. It’s a need and desire. It’s a drug that I got addicted to for life. When I’m in moments I feel like I can’t do anything, I know I am always able to paint and express what I feel.

I found drawings and paintings from when I was 5 years old (they also had a price on them) and so art has been with me in various ways since childhood. I liked to dance, sing, act, cook, you name it. It wasn’t until later in life though—having gone through a long period of self-discovery during my 20s that I really touched some deep issues and went all the way back to childhood—that I understood that art is one of the things that I was born to do in life. A liberating moment that was and I have never felt like that until that moment in time.

Once I had discovered what I want to do in life, I knew exactly where I was going to go to pursue it and develop as an artist—Barcelona. The capital and mecca of art, design, architecture, and pretty much anything else that needs creativity, soul, and passion. It was here that I realised my true potential as an artist and creator. The cultural heritage of this city has passed through my whole body and I took it all like a sponge. It’s carved in me as if it’s in stone.

From the beginnings, when I painted in my apartment and showed my work only to my partner and online, to the local streets and public spaces, where I painted live and at times included the audience in the creative process, all the way to exposing in cultural and gallery spaces, I did so with great dedication, passion, and grace.

I have also been keeping in touch with my home country and regularly exposed collectively at a major art museum, which had eventually offered me a solo exhibition. This has kicked off my career in the Czech Republic as well.

Nowadays, creating art has started to support me financially. I can proudly say that I have been selling my art and I already have numerous satisfied customers around the world.

Painting and art, in general, is a way for me to express the emotions and thoughts I’m feeling like a human living in today’s society and I will express sadness, joy, happiness, anger, or anything else that is true to what I’m feeling and thinking. Every piece of art that I create, I do so with a holistic and integrated approach i.e. I try to find harmony between emotion and logic and tap into my genius. And I like to do that in a fun and playful way. The more I live and work on myself, the more often and easier it is for me to do that. And through my art, my paintings, people are able to discover and ignite that ability in themselves. This is my gift to the world.

Art has the ability to change the world. And the world DOES need to change and evolve. Humanity needs to evolve to survive. Our society needs to become more integrated and not polarise itself. We need to work from a place of harmony and integration, we must tap into our genius as a society and a collective, where we take into account all the knowledge and find balance without judgment, prejudice, and bias.  Only then, we will advance in ways that are beyond our current imagination and speed.

Of course, the best way to change the world is to change yourself first, be the world you want to live in. And that’s my mission and purpose as an artist, to express the need for change, inspire others to self-reflect, and ponder on various subjects I believe are important towards achieving it, while doing so in a fun, playful, and beautiful way. In the end, though, I express myself because I enjoy it and kind of need to, and whether someone likes what I do and have to say or decides to get moved by it, is entirely up to them.