“I explore how I feel in the current society and in the present moment. In my art, I tackle the basic social and philosophical principles and dilemmas like happiness, fear of opening oneself, reaching one’s full potential, creativity, spirituality, self-expression, logic, following one’s true passion and purpose in life, integration, mindfulness, freedom and more. I express my explorations through the use of simple, playful yet symbolistic shapes and colours that we see in our everyday lives as well as shapes of my own invention.” – Miroslavo

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Miroslavo’s Art: Twister
Art / Drawings / White Paper
Miroslavo’s Art: 1000
Art / Drawings / White Paper
Drawing: Mind by Miroslavo
Art / Drawings / White Paper
Drawing: Man by Miroslavo
Art / Drawings / White Paper
Mural painting of Miroslavo
Art / Mural / Paintings / Public