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By Miroslavo

Art by Miroslavo has been described by many as highly energetic, expressive, colourful, innovative, bold, thought-provoking and meaningful. Those characteristics lie at the foundation of his art style and with those, he sets sail whenever there is a new blank canvas in front of him. These fundamentals were each explored by Miroslavo in great depth and with a high degree of passion. It's through experimentation, willingness to take risks, bravery and personal development, Miroslavo has been able to find his unique art style that is true to his ideals, philosophy, and values.

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Original Paintings

Ready-to-hang artwork is works made from daily life as an artist, being living in today's society. They are created from inspiration drawn from Miroslavo's life, environment, and our society.

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Commissions are paintings that clients order beforehand, and they are made from their input and brief.

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Fine-Art Prints

Fine-art prints by Miroslavo are original works of art that combine a high-quality print of his artwork and traditional painting, making every piece a one of a kind.

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Miroslavo exhibits widely both through traditional gallery and museum routes as well as through his partner network of commercial and cultural spaces.

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Live painting performances made by Miroslavo for various events, concerts and conferences, resulting in a unique experience for the audience which he likes to include in his process.

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Miroslavo has also done workshops with children and adults to help them express themselves using their own artistry.

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Art is an essential vehicle in our society, especially when done in a way that transmits emotion and provokes thought in the eye of the observer.



Voice of Collectors

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Prague, Czechia

I have been following now for quite some time his career as an artist. And recently purchased one of his works. The piece is great, it brings joy into our home and is a great decoration as well as having true artistic value. So we are very happy and hope to later in life get a chance to get another one to expand the micro collection;) of ours.

Alexander Volkov
Abstract painting showing the US flag in an abstract and colourful way. Art by Miroslavo.

Georgia, USA

Always on the lookout for extraordinary artwork I found Miroslav in early in 2021. This art work is energetic, powerful, and - most important - meaningful. One can follow his intentions throughout the paintings and discover a story told by an experienced artist. It took a while until I was able to purchase a piece, but it certainly was worth every penny. Having never seen his pictures in person, but rather on his website, I was curious what to discover once the shipment arrived. I live in the U.S., but Fedex took good care of it and Miroslav packed it thoroughly. Everything arrived fine, and the shipment was insured. Seeing the art work in person, it is so much richer, so much more intense, even more meaningful, as the features within the painting connect even more naturally. That painting speaks to me. I highly recommend him and his work. In addition Miroslav revealed the back story of the picture, and video material from the making. That's top notch, it doesn't get any better!

Daniel Schmale
Day D by Miroslavo

Prague, Czechia

Several months ago I got an crazy idea to have the painting, which I firstly see on my B-day according my dreams. So I contacted Miroslavo, explained my plan , all my wishes and waited for the result. What i recieved was way better than my (already super high) expectations.. great comunication, terms according what we agreed, very well organized transport to CZ and the painting itself its just awesome and breathtaking. Im glad that you accepted this not so usuall task. I wish you all the best with everything you do, sold out exhibitions, the customers which will be at least amazed like I was and challanges by which your career go to the sky like a rocket!?

Dominika Sejková
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New York, USA

Amazing painting! I had no problem receiving the piece and communicating with the artist. He's very open with his craft and I can honestly say he's a breath of fresh air 🙂

Jeannette Placencia
Art Enthusiast
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Nottingham, England

I loved the painting Miroslavo did for Club 23 Barcelona, and was delighted to find that he could do a signed print for me! I ordered one straight away, and it made it all the way to the UK quickly and well packaged! Due to the current situation and being stuck working from home for weeks on end, it really does brighten the mood in my house! I’m sure this will be the first of many pieces of his work I will acquire!

Alan McClelland
Business Consultant
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Prague, Czechia

Míra a his artistic work under the brand Miroslavo is stunning. Míra is an incredibly talented artist with excellent ideas and completely original and unique creations. I can warmly recommend him for any collaboration in the field of his art and portfolio. Communication with Míra is excellent and friendly. The delivery of the ordered painting from Barcelona went smoothly without any problems. The painting was nicely and securely packed in sturdy boards. The handwritten dedication was another nice and pleasant surprise. Thank you for the beautiful painting, and I look forward to more creations.

Jíří Kreuzmann
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A great artist! The mask fits perfectly on any profile, the fabric is very fresh and comfortable, and it allows for easy insertion and removal of filters. What I like the most is the vibrant colors; they bring so much joy to the situation. I am delighted!

Mariana Gomez Ventura
Police Officer
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I bought a mask with a fantastic original Miroslavo motive. It fits wonderfully, fits well and breathes great in it, I'm excited.

Věra Zvolská
Miroslavo at Club 23 Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

23 Business Club Barcelona is pleased to have the work and to collaborate with Miroslavo, a multidisciplinary, energetic and highly creative artist. His work transports us to a state of vitality and palpable optimism from the first moment one sets his sights on it. Its colourful, positive energy and balanced composition transmits a positive attitude and renewed energy, qualities that are all very necessary in the historic moment we are living in. Club 23 has the artist's work in its collection of emerging artists, and you can enjoy it in the club facilities.

Maria José Dominguez Beomont
Event Organiser

Clients' Pics

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