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Birth name:
Miroslav Stibůrek
Place of birth: Benešov, Czech Republic
Residence: Barcelona, Spain
Date of birth: 05 April 1987

There is no better way to live an original life than by doing what you truly love.

Miroslavo is a Czech artist, designer, inventor, and entrepreneur born in 1987 in Czechoslovakia. He exhibits widely, and his work is in personal collections all over the world, collected by people from various walks of life, from Picasso, Dalí, and Rembrandt collectors to first-time buyers and people of different backgrounds and ages. He is a rising star in the art world, and is regarded as one of the most successful young artists to emerge from the post-communist Czech Republic.

While he painted as a kid, he didn’t fully begin exploring that path until he was 28. “At that stage of my life, it helped me get through difficult times and find meaning and purpose.”, he says. Miroslavo began his artistic journey at the same time as his industrial design path. The first notebook he ever bought, it’s full of designs, inventions and artistic drawings. He began with painting just before he moved to Barcelona in 2016, he was commissioned a 16m2 mural for a shopping mall his parents built.

In Barcelona, he developed into the artist he is today. Starting in his flat, where he held his first solo exhibition, all the way to street live painting performances shows at bars, restaurants, cultural spaces, and galleries. He has also been exhibiting internationally and in his home country, both collectively and individually. At the end of 2021, he held his first museum exhibition, which was a moment of great pride and success for him.

Before his artist career really took off, he was supporting himself through design and marketing jobs, as well as the help of his family and friends. Since 2020, he has been selling his art regularly and his collectors hold his work in high esteem, calling it meaningful, breathtakingenergetic, powerful, inventive, mature, extraordinary and simply amazing. 

Besides being a great painter, he is a prolific inventor and designer, having received numerous awards for his creations. Through art, he shares his knowledge, energy, and power with others, while through engineering and design, he helps solve practical problems and apply his art to a mass scale.

If you were to describe Miroslav’s true nature, it’s that of the Renaissance man. A student of unquenchable curiosity with a strong imagination. His thrive for knowledge, the exploration of all his abilities and boundless childlike creation is what make Miro a man on a journey.


International Design Awards


International Exhibitions



Formal Education

2021 – Harvard University, Sustainable Business Strategy, Boston, USA.

2005-2009 – Bachelor and Master of Science from the University of Central Lancashire, United Kingdom.

2000-2005 – The British International School of Prague, Czech Republic.


Miroslavo speaks Czech, English, and Spanish.

Design Awards

A’Design Award Winner 2017 for the Flourishing Shot Glass awarded by the A’ Design Award & Competition and International Design Academy.

A’Design Award 2017 Runner-Up in the Beauty, Personal Care and Cosmetic Products Design Category in 2016.

A’Design Award Winner 2016 for the SLIXY Watch awarded by the A’ Design Award & Competition and International Design Academy.

Red Dot Design Concept 2019 Shortlisted for Wheelbarrow


Member of International Design Club, International Associations of Designers, Alliance of International Business Associations, World’s Leading Designers, World Design Consortium and CzechTrade Designers.


Joan Miró, Leonardo da Vinci, Antoní Gaudí, Piet Mondrian, Yves Saint Laurent, Ray Charles, J.M.W. Turner, Philippe Starck, Frida Kahlo, Jackson Pollock, Vincent Van Gogh, Jean Michel Basquiat, Pablo Picasso