Miroslavo Portrait

Given name: Miroslav Stibůrek, born to Miroslav and Hana Stibůrkovi.

Place of birth: Benešov by Prague, Czech Republic

Current residence: Barcelona, Spain

Date of birth: 05 April 1987 Download Résumé in PDF

Miroslavo has dedicated his life to exploring his passion for aesthetics, sociology, philosophy, the pursuit of happiness and creativity. He creates in many areas of design, art, engineering and photography.

He is a man of many colours and forms. If you were to describe his true nature, it’s that of the renaissance artist. A man of unquenchable curiosity with a feverishly inventive imagination that drives him to explore many opposing fields, theories, and philosophies. His thrive for knowledge, the exploration of all his abilities and boundless childlike creation is what makes Miroslavo a man on a journey.

Originally from Czechia, moulded by a British upbringing and currently based in Barcelona.

There is no better way to live an original life than by doing what you truly love.

Miroslavo artistic signature/logo


2000-2005 – The British International School of Prague

2005-2009 – University of Central Lancashire, United Kingdom finished with a Master of Science


A’Design Award Winner 2017 for the Flourishing Shot Glass awarded by the A’ Design Award & Competition and International Design Academy.

A’Design Award Winner 2016 for the SLIXY Watch awarded by the A’ Design Award & Competition and International Design Academy.


SLIXY® Wrist Watch. Czech Republic 36997. Issued March 2017. Inventors: Miroslav Stibůrek

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Statements and Miroslavophy

Loving a soulmate is like skydiving without knowing whether your parachute will open or not.
The best source of inspiration is my subconscious.
Interesting things happen when you are willing to expose your stupidity and failures.
The more I know, the more I notice that there is still a lot in the world that I don’t and may never know - a finding that puts me in a completely free state of mind.


Joan Miró, Leonardo da Vinci, Antoní Gaudí, Piet Mondrian, Yves Saint Laurent, Ray Charles, J.M.W. Turner, Philippe Starck, Frida Kahlo, Vincent van Gogh


Miroslavo speaks fluent Czech and English, and beginner Spanish.


  • Club Champion at Golf Resort Konopiště, Czechia
  • Winner of National Golf Championship 25+
  • Played football and motocross when he was a kid
  • Got accepted into a British school in Prague at the age of 13 and then into a university in the UK at the age of 18