Miroslavo’s Portraits: Mr. Chic

Professional name: Miroslavo

Given name: Miroslav Stibůrek

Place of birth: Benešov, Czech Republic

Residence: Barcelona, Spain

Date of birth: 05 April 1987

Miroslav Stibůrek, professionally known as Miroslavo, is a Czech designer, photographer, inventor and artist. He has dedicated his life to exploring his passion for aesthetics, technology, sociology, philosophy, the pursuit of happiness and creativity.  

He was born 32 years ago in Czechia. From there, he went on to study university in England, and then work in Prague for a couple of years, before finally coming to Barcelona and founding Miroslavo.

In 2016 and 2017, he won two consecutive product design awards given by the International Design Academy and the A’Design Award & Competition. This elevated him into the spotlight and gave him a life-changing chance to be discovered by industry leaders as a talented designer.

After receiving the design awards, his creations started being exhibited all over the world and he went on to work with a leading company in the manufacture of window shading products. The final product for which Miroslavo created the design and collaborated on the product development was first introduced at the world’s leading trade fair for roller shutters R+T Stuttgart in Germany at the beginning of 2018 and launched on the market the following September. In 2019, he also designed a wooden stand for the product.

Having picked up the ins and outs of new product development and engineering in his last project, he was then entrusted the complete design of a wheelbarrow for an American startup with which he closely collaborated to design and develop their first product.

As an artist, Miroslavo discovered drawing in June 2015 while finding ways to express himself. This is when he started creating designs while also expressing himself as an artist, firstly with a pencil, then crayons, markers and in August 2016 painting when he was commissioned to create a 16m2 mural for a shopping centre based on his previous work with markers. It was a huge artistic and technical challenge for him. After its completion, he moved to Barcelona in September. In November, he created his first canvas, called Road to Happiness, and hasn’t stopped painting ever since.

At the end of 2017, he was approached by an Italian gallery who exhibited his paintings in a few Italian art fairs in 2018. At the end of 2018, he has also taken part in a group exhibition in a Czech Art and Design Museum. In 2019, he already had two solo exhibitions, one in his home studio and one in Barcelona’s El Born.

Miroslavo has high hopes for the future of his career. As a designer, he would like to continue working with manufacturers, inventors, entrepreneurs, and start-ups so he can bring his ideas and talent to life and improve people’s lives. As an artist, he hopes to be able to exhibit his artwork in many places around the world while also enjoy the traveling that comes with it.

If you were to describe Miroslavo’s true nature, it’s that of the Renaissance man. A student of unquenchable curiosity with a feverishly inventive imagination. His thrive for knowledge, the exploration of all his abilities and boundless childlike creation is what makes him a man on a journey.

There is no better way to live an original life than by doing what you truly love.

International Design Awards


International Exhibitions




2019 — 13 September – 13 October — Art i Sushi amb Miroslavo, Karuma, Barcelona, Spain.

2019 — 28 July – 04 August — Arte y Vino con Miroslavo, Narciso, Barcelona, Spain.

2019 — 13 April – 30 August — Exposed at Balmes, Barcelona, Spain.

2018 — 29 November – 30 December — Exhibition of Regional Artists, Museum of Art and Design, Czechia

2018 — 29-30 September & 5-7 October — Art Parma Fair, Hall 7, Booth 88, Padova, Italy.

2018 — 16-18 March — Vernice Art Fair, Forlì, Italy.

2018 — 13-15 January — BAF Bergamo Arte Fiera, 14° edition at Bergamo (BG), Italy.

2018 — 26 December ’17 – 20 March ’18 — Utopa International Design Exhibition, ShenNonTaiYangCheng Zhuzhou City, China.

2017 — 26 December ’17 – 20 March ’18 — Utopa International Design Exhibition, ShenNonTaiYangCheng Zhuzhou City, China.

2017 — 5-7 November — Shenzhen International Industrial Design Fair, Shenzhen, China.

20178-31 October — 40×40 Exhibition, Budapest, Hungary.

201722-23 September — Exhibition at “FOAID – Festival of Architecture and Interior Designing Conference”, Mumbai, India.

20176-26 June — Exhibition at MOOD, Ex Chiesa di San Francesco, Como, Italy.

2016 — Exhibition at “MOOD” Ex Chiesa di San Francesco, Como, Italy.

2016 — Exhibition at Bologna Design Week, Italy.

2016 — Samorosti Art Exhibition NOD Prague, Czech Republic.

2016 — Exhibition at Cube Design Museum, Kerkrade, Netherlands.

2016 — Exhibition at Shenzhen International Design Fair, China.

2016 — Exhibition at Festival of Architecture and Interior Designing Conference The Lalit Mumbai, India.

2016 — Exhibition at Festival of Architecture and Interior Designing Conference Hotel Lalit Exposition Center, India.

2016 – Exhibition at Espacio Ricardo Lorenzo, Gallery of the College of Architects of Cantabria, Spain.

Miroslavo in Media

Karuma, Barcelona (Castellano)
Art i Sushi amb Miroslavo

Barcelona Cultura – (Castellano)
Una exposición individual de Miroslavo.

Magazine of shading technology (in Czech)
Original design created by Miroslavo

Mojdom (in Slovak)
Na jeseň tohto roku uviedla spoločnosť ISOTRA na trh látkovú roletu, ktorú navrhol svetoznámy český dizajnér Miroslavo (in Czech)
Interiérová roleta Larra (in Czech)
Zaujalo nás v okolí domu

Primaž (Czech)
Nová interiérová roleta Larra (Czech)
The design of the roller shutter Larra from Isotra was created by Miroslavo

Miroslavo for ISOTRA a.s. (English)
Product Launch of the New Larra Window Blind Designed by Miroslavo

Miroslavo for iLoveCreatives (English)
Interview with Miroslavo about his creative work 

Sharing the story of failure, reinvention, and success with Flylancer (English)
Opportunity knocks when you hit rock bottom

A’Design Award & Competition (English)
A’Design Award and Competition Press Release 2017

Dama Online (Czech)
Czech designer celebrates worldwide success

Design Cabinet (Czech)
Miroslav Stiburek received the renown A’Design Award

Culture Net (Czech)
Miroslav Stiburek receive the A’Design Award

Art and Design Magazine (English)
The minimalistic Slixy watch by Miroslavo

Interview with Editor Frank Scott (FS) from DesignPRWire (English)
Miroslav Stiburek for A’ Design Awards and Competition

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2005-2009 – Bachelor and Master of Science from the University of Central Lancashire, United Kingdom.

2000-2005 – The British International School of Prague


A’Design Award Winner 2017 for the Flourishing Shot Glass awarded by the A’ Design Award & Competition and International Design Academy.

A’Design Award 2017 Runner-Up in the Beauty, Personal Care and Cosmetic Products Design Category in 2016.

A’Design Award Winner 2016 for the SLIXY Watch awarded by the A’ Design Award & Competition and International Design Academy.

Honorary Memberships

Member of International Design Club, International Associations of Designers, Alliance of International Business Associations, World’s Leading Designers, World Design Consortium and CzechTrade Designers.


Joan Miró, Leonardo da Vinci, Antoní Gaudí, Piet Mondrian, Yves Saint Laurent, Ray Charles, J.M.W. Turner, Philippe Starck, Frida Kahlo, Jackson Pollock, Vincent Van Gogh


Miroslavo speaks Czech, English and Spanish.

Quotes, Sayings and Miroslavophy

Loving a soulmate is like skydiving without knowing whether your parachute will open or not.
The best source of inspiration is my subconscious.
There is no better way to live an original life than by doing what you truly love.
Interesting things happen when you are willing to expose your stupidity and failures.
The more I know, the more I notice that there is still a lot in the world that I don’t and may never know - a finding that puts me in a completely free state of mind.
Creating beauty is my medicine.
Life is an infinite journey of self-improvement and growth.
The moment we think we are the best is the moment we start to deteriorate.
When mankind stops taking risks, it becomes extinct.
Imagine your future as a blank canvas. What are you going to paint on it?
The simplest creation is the one that is the most difficult to achieve, but provides the purest level of beauty.
Through creation, one gives rise to happiness.
Creating a design offers control, creating art offers freedom.

Portraits of Miroslavo