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Painting is awesome and it’s a way to express one’s deepest thoughts and emotions. I personally love it as it provides me with a medium to “chill my beans” as they say. 

I’m excited to share this passion I have for artistic expression with others through giving workshops for people who are interested in trying new painting techniques, ones that I had developed through my practice.

It’s a unique opportunity to learn and enjoy the artistic process guided by a professional artist.

Workshops with Miroslavo are immersive, they are as much about painting as they are about touching the deepest part of your psyche and projecting that onto the canvas.

It’s a unique experience that will help you discover a lot of things about yourself.

Who are painting workshops for?

art workshops miroslavo artist painterAnyone who wishes to try something new, to explore oneself through art and through Miroslavo’s painting techniques that he himself uses in his daily art practice. He also collaborates with other artists, so you can learn various other methods of expressing yourself.

We can organise workshops for schools, galleries, companies or individual groups in and around Barcelona.

Are you interested in putting together a group of people so you can explore your artistic genius through painting?

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