Miroslavo in action with his camera and posing as a photographer.

Spontaneous, Original and Meaningful

Miroslav's photographs are characterized in particular by his ability to take risks and to capture spontaneous and unique moments both in nature, in the city, of people and of historical significance.​

Notable Photographs

Siesta, México (2016) by Miroslavo

Siesta, Holbox, Mexico

Captured on a vacation to Mexico on a virgin island called Isla Hotbox. Photograph that looks almost unreal that this could happen, however, this belongs to one of the most unique moments Miroslavo has experienced on his trip when these two beautiful animals are relaxing on emblematic ruin on the shore of the Carribean.

[:en]Photography by Miroslavo: Beautiful Accident in Paris[:] [:en]Fotografía de Miroslavo: Hermoso accidente en París[:] [:en]Fotografie Miroslava: Krásná nehoda v Paříži[:]

Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

On a trip to Paris, Miroslavo captured the Eiffel Tower from an angle that connects man man with that of nature, creating a harmonious masterpiece.

[:en]Photograph by Miroslavo: Running Man[:][:cs]Fotografie Miroslava: Běžící muž[:] [:es]Fotografía de Miroslavo: Running Man[:]

Running Man, Barcelona, Spain

One of Miroslavo's first iconic photograph captured during his first travel to Barcelona, when he decided to move here one day to follow his passion. 6 years later, he made that dream into reality.

[:en]Photograph: Barcelona Stands United Against Terrorism[:] [:cs]Fotografie: Barcelona zůstává spojená proti terorismu[:] [:es]Fotografía: Barcelona se une al terrorismo[:]

United Against Terrorism

This photograph is a memory showing the people of Barcelona a day after the terrorist attack that happened on La Rambla in 2017, when 13 people were killed and more than 130 injured as a result.

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