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Experience art in its purest form by becoming a part of it

Painting and artistic expression is deeply rooted in Miroslavo’s work and life. Performing also comes quite naturally for him, as he loves letting go and making something spontaneous and energetic. He has found that people also love to be a part of the process, making it engaging, emotional and immersive for everyone involved. 

Miroslavo has begun first performing live painting in the streets of Barcelona attracting local audiences, later taking his shows to local multicultural spaces as well as prestigious universities where he performed for large audiences both online and in person.

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Book Miroslavo for a Show

While Miroslavo does do shows for non-profit purposes from time to time or mutual collaboration benefits, most of his shows are commissioned as a service, as it requires considerable preparation, time and expensive material to make a live painting performance. The final cost of a performance usually depends on the requirements and budget for the event.

Contact Miroslavo below to inquire about live painting performances to bring a unique and interactive twist to your company, business or personal events.

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