[:en]Industrial Design: The Flourishing Shot Glass by Miroslavo[:] [:cs]Průmyslový design: Vzkvétající panák[:] [:es]Diseño industrio: Vasos de chupito floreciente[:]


Miroslav Stiburek's designs are known for their simplicity, graceful shapes, inventiveness and fun.

Notable Projects

watch slixy copy 1

Fashion Watches

A watch designed for young people who appreciate minimalism, playfulness and colour combinations.

[:en]Industrial Design: Lily Shot Glass by Miroslavo[:] [:cs]Průmyslový design: Lily panák[:] [:es]Diseño industrio: Vaso de chupito Lily[:]

Flourishing Shot Glass

A Mayan-inspired shot glass that is comfortable to hold and an ornament for any interior.

[:en]Miroslavo’s Industrial Design: Window blind Larra by Isotra[:] [:cs]Průmyslový design od Miroslavo: Interiérová roleta Larra od Isotra[:] [:es]Diseño Industrial de Miroslavo: Persiana de la ventana Larra by Isotra[:]

Fabric Roller blind

The roller blind designed for ISOTRA a.s., which was designed to be pleasant for households and their owners.

Spatchel by Miroslavo


A spatula designed for artists and designed with painters directly in mind.

wheelbarrow design miroslavo scaled


A garden wheel designed for everyday use. It has several patented innovations and improvements.

BiCoaster Design by Miroslavo

Electronic heater and cooler

An electronic heater and cooler that performs several functions in a playful and fun way.

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Contemporary design is about capturing the essence of a product and its brand and creating something beautiful, functional and fun. If you can also transmit emotions and thoughts through them, then we have something really special.

Miroslav Stibůrek


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