When a Multidisciplinary Designer is Born, Things Happen

Miroslav "Miroslavo" Stibůrek Experienced PortraitMy design story begins when I was 13 and designed my first website for a school magazine. Actually, you could say it begins when I was 7 and knitted a pair of shoes or when I designed and built a wooden spatula. I wanted to be a designer since I can remember. Design was with me in many forms since birth.

Since I have gone through various areas of design, such as interior, architectural, digital, web, industrial, service, brand, strategy and the list goes on. However, there are three design areas that stuck and I decided to pursue as a career: Product, Graphic and Web.

Nowadays, industrial design is the flagship of my studio, however, graphic and web design still make up about 20% of my design work, and it’s an area that has been in my professional practice the longest and is fundamental.

My career as an industrial designer kicked off when I won international design awards in 2016 and 2017. This was a dream-like start to my career, nothing I had ever experienced before. However, those accolades and subsequent international design exhibitions put my name on the map and led me to my first clientele and commercial projects.

Since then, I have been working on myself in order to be the best and most complete product designer I can be through new projects, education, and experimentation. I have found my place in consumer products, which enables me to be close to the user and design the product with people in mind.

And as of this moment, I am able to generate a new product idea, design the mechanical as well as the aesthetic part of it with manufacturing in mind while adhering to sustainable principles which come in the form of minimalism i.e. designing in a way that reduces material, space, and ultimately cost.

Having said all that, I cherish design and respect every bit of it, while always looking for ways to break new ground. Also, by being active in multiple disciplines, I draw from a large body of knowledge when tackled with a specific challenge.