Industrial design with sustainability in mind

Miroslavo came into public notice after winning the Italian A’Design Award in 2016 and 2017, awarded by the International Design Academy for his first 2 proposed products. He gained the opportunity to be discovered as a talented designer and started working with leading manufacturers on international markets.

The first commercialised product where Miroslavo applied his industrial design skills was a roller blind that was introduced at the R+T fair 2018 in Stuttgart by a technological leader in the manufacture of window blinds, ISOTRA a.s., and was launched in 45 countries the following September. He also designed an exhibition stand for the blind.

He then went on to work with an American company ECRA Homes LLC for which he designed a construction wheelbarrow concept.

In 2020, he was contracted by a Barcelona-based sustainable startup TAPP Water S.L., specialising in water filtration technology and products to collaborate on the design and development of a new product concept and prototype for an H2020 grant; solving technical problems by redesigning the current product development projects meant to be produced through the means of injection moulding; rapid prototyping using his 3D Factory and delivering prototypes; building a DIY lab station for R&D purposes; improving the current portfolio by generating new ideas; and various short-term projects.

We respect the environmental, social and economic impacts of design

Making physical products more in touch with today’s alarming environmental risks has become the cornerstone of sustainable design and development and should be paid attention to.

Understanding the issues, we start to look for new solutions, ways to lower or eliminate carbon footprint we leave behind us through sustainable design practices while retaining harmony between all aspects of product design.

Read more about designing for sustainability and what principles Miroslavo employs.

A'Design Award Winner 2016
A'Design Award Winner 2017

What may Miroslavo’s industrial design services include?

  • Establishing business and license conditions
  • Framework and timetable
  • Design, market and user research
  • Sustainability analysis
  • Idea creation and sketching
  • Designing for manufacturability (DFM)
  • Concept creation
  • 3D modelling
  • Prototype development using our 3D Factory
  • Consulting
  • Photorealistic renders
  • Creating technical specs
  • Producing 2D drawings
  • Cooperation during later phases of prototyping taking place with an external manufacturer
  • Designer’s direction during the engineering and practical development phase as well as market launch, product naming and marketing.
  • Etc…


  • Design project

    Depends on the field, complexity, what services it includes and many other factors.

    from €2000
  • Development of 3D prototype

    Development of a 3D printed prototype using our 3D factory

    from €200
  • Consultation (120 min)

    Can be a videoconference if outside of our studio, or extra fees apply for transport.

  • Hourly rate for industrial design

    Other work is charged with an hourly rate.


Prices are without VAT 21%.

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