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Who We Are

We are passionate, and we like to achieve the impossible when it comes to product design.

We find no problem difficult to overcome, and we are quite famous for it amongst my clientele.

We have already collaborated with inventors, visionaries, global corporations, industry leaders, and startups all over the globe.

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What is Industrial Design?

Industrial design is a professional creative process, which integrates a series of scientific, technical and artistic fields. It’s a process that is applied to products that will be mass-produced.

The designer is usually responsible for creating and defining the form, material, colour, user experience, function and mechanical properties of the product. The product’s design is then reproduced using automated processes, which is the main difference between an art-based design where the shape is defined by the specific moment.

In short, an industrial designer designs and applies solutions to the following aspects of a product: shape, aesthetics, function, ergonomics, and material.

Our Expertise

Our expertise and accomplishments speak to our capabilities in the design and innovation field. We have garnered recognition and certifications from renowned international design and educational organizations, validating our expertise. Our designed products have successfully made their way into the market, demonstrating our ability to create commercially viable solutions. 

Furthermore, we have proudly showcased our own works in over 25 design and art exhibitions worldwide, reflecting our commitment to artistic expression and creativity. With a comprehensive skill set, we are proficient in designing not only the aesthetic aspects but also the mechanical and electrical components of a product. 

Our Services and Design Process

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In Miroslavo’s Design Studio, the art of creating a concept is a meticulously crafted process that sets the foundation for every design project. It’s when we go to the old school method of sketching, and it’s when ideas flourish and take shape, fuelled by imagination, research, and a deep understanding of the client’s vision. 

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Computer Aided Design

CAD (Computer-Aided Design) is a powerful tool that revolutionizes the field of design and engineering. We harness the capabilities of CAD software to enhance the design process and bring concepts to life. It enables us to work quickly and present ideas in a highly realistic manner. It also enables us to go quickly to prototyping.

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Mechanical Engineering

In the realm of mechanical engineering and the construction phase of a design, we leverage our expertise to ensure precision, functionality, and seamless execution. With a deep understanding of mechanical principles and construction processes, we combine technical knowledge with creative problem-solving to bring designs to life. 

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Prototype Development

Prototype development is a crucial stage in the design process, and we excel in transforming concepts into tangible prototypes. With a deep understanding of materials, manufacturing techniques, and rapid prototyping technologies. Boasting its own 3D printing machine, we bring designs to life in a tangible and iterative manner, helping us make the best design decisions possible.

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Design For Manufacturing

Design for Manufacturing (DFM) is a vital aspect of Miroslavo’s design philosophy. Recognizing the importance of seamless integration between design and production, Miroslavo prioritizes DFM principles to optimize efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure manufacturability. By considering manufacturing processes, capabilities, and limitations early in the design phase, we create designs that are practical and easy to produce at scale. Usually, minimal changes are needed by the time the manufacturer takes over.

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Consulting services provided by Miroslavo are driven by a commitment to delivering strategic insights and innovative solutions to clients. With a wealth of experience and expertise across various industries, we offer a fresh perspective and an analytical approach to address complex challenges. 

What Our Clients Say

EcoPro Compact from TAPP Water

TAPP Water S.L.

Miroslav has been working on various projects for TAPP Water during 2020 and 2021. It has been a pleasure working together with such a goal-driven person. He has shown great flexibility, fast but detailed work always delivering on time. With his own equipment, he was able to prototype and solve several problems and drawbacks. I am looking forward to future collaborations.

Alex Schwarz
[:en]Miroslavo’s Industrial Design: Window blind Larra by Isotra[:] [:cs]Průmyslový design od Miroslavo: Interiérová roleta Larra od Isotra[:] [:es]Diseño Industrial de Miroslavo: Persiana de la ventana Larra by Isotra[:]


We are delighted with Miroslav's work designing the LARRA fabric roller blind. He listened attentively to our needs and created a functional and visually appealing product. Miroslav's professionalism and attention to detail were outstanding. He is also done various product stand and graphic design work. We highly recommend him to anyone seeking a reliable and creative multidisciplinary designer.

Bohumír Blachut
wheelbarrow design miroslavo scaled


Miro is a great designer, period! Worked with him on my patented wheelbarrow for over one year. He is a professional by all means. I must say, I wasn’t always easy on him, I’m a perfectionist myself, but he was always patient with me, understandable and procreative.

Ben Sykora

Barcelona Expats

We chose to work with Miroslav for our new community logo at and other branding material. After a short brief of our ideas, he delivered in a short time the first proposal: it was a perfect match! We will definitely work together on other projects, and we recommend 100% this young Barcelona artist.

Daniele Ferrari
Smart Diffusor Product Design and Engineering by Miroslavo

LastBasic S.L.

Miroslav is an exceptional mechanical and prototype engineer. His attention to detail, work ethic, and professionalism impressed us throughout our project. He delivered high-quality results that exceeded our expectations, and we would not hesitate to work with him again. We highly recommend him to anyone in need of a skilled mechanical and prototype engineer. Thank you, Miroslav, for your outstanding work!

LastBasic S.L.

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