Industrial Design Services

What is Industrial Design?

Industrial design is a professional creative process, which integrates a series of scientific, technical and artistic fields. It’s a process that is applied to products that will be mass-produced.

The designer is usually responsible for creating and defining the form, material, colour, user experience, function and mechanical properties of the product. The product’s design is then reproduced using automated processes, which is the main difference between an art-based design where the shape is defined by the specific moment.

In short, an industrial designer designs and applies solutions to the following aspects of a product: shape, aesthetics, function, ergonomics, and material. Some designers are also skilled in rapid prototyping, designing for the manufacturing process since inception, designing for assembly/disassembly, designing the mechanical aspects of a product and also taking into account the product’s sustainability.

Miroslavo, a purpose-driven industrial design engineering studio

Miroslav StiburekI’m passionate, and I like to achieve the impossible when it comes to product design.

I find no problem too difficult to overcome, and I’m quite famous for it amongst my clientele.

I have already collaborated with inventors, visionaries, global corporations, industry leaders, and startups all over the globe.

My expertise and accomplishments

Awards & Formal Education

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My involvement in product development

I can be utilised in various stages of product development, but usually, I work on the following:

  • Initial screening and consultation
  • Sketching and exploration of ideas
  • Designing the mechanical, electrical and aesthetic parts of a product
  • Creating a computer-aided 3D model
  • Physical prototype development
  • Generating product renders and animations
  • Assistance during the engineering phase
  • Post-production assistance in marketing

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What my clients say

“Miroslav has been working on various projects for TAPP Water during 2020 and 2021. It has been a pleasure working together with such a goal-driven person. He has shown great flexibility, fast but detailed work always delivering on time. With his own equipment, he was able to prototype and solve several problems and drawbacks. I am looking forward to future collaborations.” – Alexander Schwarz, Founder of TAPP Water S.L.

“Integrating seamlessly into the team, Miroslav provided critical input and delivered above our expectations. He is collaborative, thoughtful, and – perhaps, most importantly for our time working together – excellently skilled at physical prototyping. I highly recommend him as a contract designer or as a full-time member of the team.”Nicholas Bender, Product Manager at TAPP Water S.L. (Spain)

“Miro is a great designer, period! Worked with him on my patented wheelbarrow for over one year. He is a professional by all means. I must say, I wasn’t always easy on him, I’m a perfectionist myself, but he was always patient with me, understandable and procreative.” — Ben Sykora, Owner of ECRA Homes LLC. (United States)

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The most incredible projects I have realised

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