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google analytics 4 certified miroslavoIf you are new to Google Analytics, then this software by Google helps businesses and, in general, people measure the traffic that is generated on their websites and apps. Until recently, it wasn’t possible to use Google Analytics to track Android and iOS apps.

In the new version, GA4, we can measure all data in one place across different apps and web platforms. It’s a significant upgrade to Google Analytics and the whole system has undergone a massive overhaul bringing features such as machine learning, a new way of reporting, automatic event monitoring and so much more.

How can we help you with GA4 Implementation?

As a certified professional in Google Analytics 4, we can help you with:

  • Installation and Implementation
  • Identification of requirements for tracking
  • Free audit of your current tracking setup
  • Events settings (it used to be called goals in GA3)
  • Google Tag Manager set-up
  • Training in understanding reports
  • Consulting

Why Us?

  • 15 years of experience and expertise in online marketing
  • Time flexibility—we can set up GA for you in 10 days
  • We can help with more complex tasks such as server-side and offline tracking
  • We are certified by Google on our mastery of Google Analytics

Some of Our Clients

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Miro's marketing skills have been instrumental for our business, particularly in managing our Google Ads campaign for NIE services. Over the past year, his expertise consistently delivered outstanding results, increasing qualified leads while decreasing the cost per conversion and boosting the conversion rate. Miroslavo's proficiency extends to setting up Google Analytics and producing top-tier graphic design work with remarkable speed. What truly sets him apart is his adaptability and quick response to the ever-changing digital landscape, ensuring a steady flow of leads. He has also always provided great advice and strategy consulting for our business. Besides, his artistic background brings a unique perspective to our strategies, adding a creative and innovative dimension. Miro's professionalism, creativity, and unwavering commitment to our success make him an exceptional asset. We wholeheartedly recommend him and his agency for any business consulting needs.

Marie Sogelova
Founder of GET YOUR NIE S.L.

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