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Miroslavo is a creator, a brand, but it's also a company, and we offer professional services, mainly in the areas we know a lot about: art, design and marketing. We work and consult companies around the globe in various areas and industries.

Our Services

While we have our own product line and our founder is busy with creation, professional services lie at the foundation of our company, as that's something we enjoy doing, providing a service to others, helping others grow, innovate, solve problems and create awesome things.


Design is something we consider to be at the core of everything that we do. Whether it's industrial, graphic or web design, we do it with great dedication and respect for the field, while pushing boundaries towards new horizons.


Art, like design, is an integral part of our studio, and we offer a variety of art services: Custom art creation, professional photography and printing services. We can organise painting workshops, demonstrations, and provide art consulting for your projects.

Creative Consulting

We are knowledgeable in design, art, business, marketing, and innovation. This is where our expertise and know-how lies, and we offer our clients the access to this wealth of experience through our professional creative consulting services.

Our Benefits

Rooted in excellence. Dedicated to Creativity. Driven by Innovation.

Rooted in Passion

What we do is rooted in great passion and deep sense of purpose. We do what we do because we love it, and we aim to transmit that through our work and to our clients.

Certified and Recognised

We are certified by various organisations on matters of business, sustainability, and design such as Harvard Business School, Kellogg School of Management, and A'Design Award & Competition.

Multilingual and Multicultural

We pride ourselves on our cultural diversity and the ability to control global languages like English and Spanish. We are also based in Barcelona, which gives us this extra bit of creativity and innovation.

15 Years of Experience

Undoubtedly, we have been doing this for some time, and the experience we have gathered over the years does its magic when it comes to solving problems for our clients, whether they are of artistic or technical nature. We thrive to deliver mature and quality results.


Barcelona / Prague / Madrid

Phone / WhatsApp:

+34 652 312 912

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