Miroslav Stibůrek
Multidisciplinary Creative Professional & Chief Everything Officer (CEO) of MIROSLAVO®
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Hi! I am Miroslavo, a creative polymath blending art, design, and marketing to transform visions into reality. Welcome!

Where Creativity and Strategy Converge

Whether I wanted to be an artist, designer, marketing expert or entrepreneur, the process was the same: I discovered, learnt, designed and then marketed those skills to the right people in order to get clients. I was successful every time. Why is that? Because I learnt early on that you need both creativity and strategy to turn ideas into paying customers.

I'm guided by these 3 fundamental principles


Everything that I engage in is done with passion for the act of creating and delivering results. I have chosen the fields of art, design and marketing through intense exploration and discovery, it's the areas I'm most passionate about.


Creativity and innovation is at the core of everything I do. Without that, this project wouldn't really prosper as much as it does. It's the willingness and confidence to go beyond the expected, beyond the established is what make our services stand out.


As a polymath, my knowledge is deep and profound in each of the areas I have been active in. Success and driving results is one of them. I have realised that success can be measured in various ways: money, recognition, social change or wisdom.


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