Miroslavo’s Art: Transformer

Modern Paintings and Drawings for Sale Online by Miroslavo

Welcome to the online shop of a contemporary fine artist known as Miroslavo. In this online art gallery, you can buy his original hand-painted acrylic paintings and marker drawings.

The art of Miroslavo is characterized by spontaneity and playfulness as well as expressive symbolism and abstraction.

Miroslavo expresses his emotions and thoughts with the simple and fun shapes and primaries that we see in our everyday life and also shapes of his own invention.

Miroslavo’s Artist Statement

“Art for me is an opportunity to express and share freely how I feel in today’s society. Usually, I create a new canvas when I experience something new in my life or have a need to express an opinion on fundamental characteristics of human nature. I express these thoughts and emotions using simple, playful yet symbolic abstract shapes and colours. By doing this, I’m inviting the viewer to interact with my paintings in his own subjective way.

I never went to art school, so I simply learn by painting whatever I feel like painting and I try to take risks and reach new personal grounds with every piece. I believe that life is an infinite journey of learning, growing and creating, and I embrace the present to make the most of it.

As an artist, I have been influenced by the works, creativity, perseverance, and lives of Leonardo Da Vinci, Joan Miró, Piet Mondrian, Frida Kahlo, William Turner, Alexander The Great, Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollock and Vincent Van Gogh.

I dedicated 29 years of my life to finding what makes me truly happy and the search was over when I picked up a brush 2 years ago, creating my first canvas called Road to Happiness. – Miroslavo.

Advice on Buying Art Online

If you have some questions or need advice in buying the right artwork for your home, please visit the Visitor and Buyer FAQ or contact Miroslavo directly through his contact form.

Miroslavo’s Artwork for Sale