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Hi! I'm Miroslavo and welcome to a selection of my colourful abstract paintings! I'm a Barcelona-based painter who simply loves painting for what it is, a creative and meaningful act of expressing ideas and emotions through colours, forms, words and other techniques that I use and have been developing over the past 10 years as an artist.

I have curated a selection of colourful abstract artwork, available for sale, created from my life as a painter, creator, husband, son and a human living in today's world of scrolling through social media, rushing to get things done, lack of exposure to nature and societal inequalities, but also in the world of freedom to work and live from our passions, interests and to construct our lives however we want. Each piece from my colourful original abstract art collection tells a story, so come and immerse yourself in this vibrant energy, and let the colours and symbolism speak to you.

Featured Collections of Colourful Abstract Wall Art

Colourful Abstract Art Paintings

Discover the captivating world of Miroslavo, where each stroke on canvas speaks volumes, offering a journey through the realms of abstraction and symbolism. Miroslavo's original paintings for sale are not merely artworks; they are portals to imagination, windows into the soul of the artist himself.

Modern Colourful Abstracts made with 🖤 from Barcelona

In his Barcelona-based studio and in his online gallery, Miroslavo unveils a mesmerizing collection of colourful abstract art paintings for sale, each piece a testament to his boundless creativity and artistic prowess. Bold and vibrant, his abstract paintings beckon the viewer to explore realms beyond conventional understanding. They are a fusion of colours and shapes, a symphony of form and symbols that transcends the ordinary.

Step into a world where abstract art becomes a language of its own, where every brushstroke is laden with symbolism and meaning. Miroslavo's abstract artwork challenge the norms and conventions, inviting interpretation and introspection. They are not merely decorative; they are thought-provoking statements that evoke emotion and contemplation.

Colourful Wall Art of All sizes Available for sale

Among his collection, one can find colourful large abstract art paintings for sale, commanding attention and demanding contemplation. These impactful pieces are a testament to Miroslavo's mastery of scale and proportion, inviting the viewer to immerse themselves in a world of colour and form. You can also find highly provocative pieces touching upon real-life dilemmas, like portrayed in his original painting Art Doesn't Pay The Bills, which touches upon the fact that it's very difficult for artists to live from art.

For those seeking to bring a touch of Miroslavo's magic into their homes, but would like to first begin with a small purchase , his abstract art prints for sale offer a glimpse into his visionary world. Each print captures the essence of his original works, allowing admirers to experience the beauty of his art in their own space.

Internationally renowned and celebrated, Miroslavo's artwork is coveted by collectors worldwide. His award-winning designs have also garnered acclaim for their innovation and originality, while his street art performances have captivated audiences from Barcelona to Harvard. His journey that began from zero in 2014 in Prague to the big stages at Harvard in 2023 as well as opening his own art gallery in 2024 in his place of birth, is a testament to his success he has had as an artist.

Whether you are a seasoned art aficionado or a novice enthusiast, Miroslavo's gallery is a destination for you. Now, immerse yourself in the world of abstract modern art and discover the boundless possibilities of one's creativity, invention and energy.

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