Art Doesn’t Pay The Bills Original Painting


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Art Doesn’t Pay The Bills is a highly expressive, vibrant and provocative painting that gives provides its observers with an emotionally charged and thought-provoking visual experience. At the size of 146×114 cm, the impact is powerful and the imagery stunning.

With its vibrant splashes of colour, provocative lettering and words, this masterpiece speaks about the truth of the art world and the way society puts pressure on artists that they must live from their art to be considered successful artists and sought after. While this illusion is tempting, the reality is 99% of artists don’t live from their art, as it’s so goddamn hard. Creating a piece of original art is tough, and selling one is even harder. Making this regularly is near impossible, and this puts a lot of strain on artists. The need to pay the bills creates pressure and need, which is the ultimate killer of artistic expression, and hence a lot of artists and art galleries struggle, especially the ones who rely on living from art sales.

Important note: This artwork was conceived with the intention to provoke thought and serve as an exhibition piece. Nevertheless, should you desire to make it a part of your collection, it is available for acquisition. This one-of-a-kind painting holds a distinguished place in our Special Collection—an assembly of artworks distinguished by their profound cultural significance and impactful narratives. Each piece within this collection has garnered public recognition, participated in private or public exhibitions, and undergone thoughtful critique within the art community. You are not buying just the artwork, you are buying a complete cultural and artistic immersion.

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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 146 × 114 cm

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Art Doesn’t Pay The Bills Original Painting
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