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Is your company in need of a consultant that provides you with a bird-eye view on your new product design and development project? Somebody from the outside who has experience with more than 30 businesses, won multiple awards for their work and can give you the edge that will put your projects in the fast lane and provide you with a competitive advantage?

Then you have come to the right place!

We can help you elevate creativity and innovation in your projects to a new and unforeseen level.

What areas of product development can we help you with

  • idea and concept creation
  • product design and packaging
  • product manufacturability
  • marketing strategy
  • prototyping
  • sustainability
  • structured creativity
  • graphics and visual identity

What our clients say about us

“Integrating seamlessly into the team, Miroslav provided critical input and delivered above our expectations. He is collaborative, thoughtful, and – perhaps, most importantly for our time working together – excellently skilled at physical prototyping. I highly recommend him as a contract designer or as a full-time member of the team.”Nicholas Bender, TAPP Water S.L. (Spain)

“Miro is a great designer, period! Worked with him on my patented wheelbarrow over one year. He is a professional by all means. I must say, I wasn’t always easy on him, I’m a perfectionist myself, but he was always patient with me, understandable and procreative.” — Ben Sykora, ECRA Homes LLC. (United States)

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The most incredible projects we have collaborated on

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