The Story of MIROSLAVO®

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From Childhood Passions to Brand

From a very young age, my world was filled with creativity and entrepreneurship, as my parents started an ice-cream business when I was about 5 years old. I had great role models early on. This early passion for creation and business laid the foundation for Miroslavo. It is a project that arose from the joys of my childhood and from the culturally rich life that I have lived, from years of experience and, above all, from a passion for creation, innovation and business.

I vividly remember selling my inventive drawings in our garden and village as well as crafting unique wordplays and building things with my hands.

The brand name is rooted in tradition and is the result of my cultural background and the influence of life in England, the Czech Republic and Spain, as well as the fact that I was exposed to an international environment at an early age, attending International Schools and Universities. It is an expression of my passion, cultural influence and knowledge. It is also the Spanish/Italian version of Miroslav.

Miroslavo has officially become a registered trademark in 2023, giving the brand a unique certification of originality and inventiveness. 

Through my personal brand, I merge my skills in art, design, and marketing to offer bespoke solutions that blend creativity with strategy. 

Nowadays, amongst my clientele, peers and partners, Miroslavo stands for creativity, invention, excellence and business acumen.

Miroslav Stiburek
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I love creation and I love business. I founded Miroslavo to blend strategy with creativity. It was born from childhood passions and desire to live from them. While it's been a continuous journey, I succeeded in turning my passions to profit. This journey isn't just my profession, it's my personal legacy.

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Miroslav Stibůrek
Founder of Miroslavo®

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