Story of Miroslavo

Miroslavo is the name of our founder and company, through which we offer professional services and sell our own products.

It was founded by Miroslav Stibůrek, who since a young age pursued his passions for art, design, engineering, making, marketing and business while gaining invaluable experience along the way.

He established the company in 2014, at the age of 27 in the Czech Republic. He first focused on selling golf clothing and fashion, he opened his store in Prague. Two years later, wanting to seek new adventures, he moves to Barcelona and abandons the original business model. He reinvents the business and starts focusing on product design and offering services in these areas while seeking opportunities in the new country. Around this time, the Miroslavo brand is born and the company gets a clear vision.

Nowadays, Miroslavo works with individuals, companies, startups, industry leaders and organisations all over the world in the fields of industrial design and product development and consults on matters of strategy, marketing, and innovation.

He also sells his own products, especially his own signature paintings which already have a presence in countries like Spain, the Czech Republic, the United States, England, Australia, Russia, and México.

Miroslavo also continuously invests in his own research and development, personal growth and learning, and making sure everything is conducted with sustainability principles in mind.

As a company and individual, Miroslavo has already been mentioned in several important publications, magazines, and media.

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The Brand Name

self portrait 2 small“Miroslavo comes from my first name—Miroslav—which in my mother tongue means peace and glory. 

The alternative for Miroslav in the Italian and Spanish-speaking world is Miroslavo. 

I always had a special connection with these countries and have received recognition in them.

Combining my roots with what I had absorbed along the way, Miroslavo was the perfect brand name as it captured my identity, values, mission and cultural heritage. 

It’s also extremely catchy, original and practical.

Furthermore, it created countless possibilities for the future.”

— Miroslav Stibůrek, Founder.