Miroslavo's Studio in Barcelona

Miroslavo’s maker corner in his studio in Barcelona.

Miroslavo has and always will have an international identity and presence. Founded by Miroslav Stibůrek, a Czech designer and artist based in Barcelona. His language skills and multicultural nature lead him to collaborate with people, companies and organizations from around the globe, and that is the direction he would like to continue.

Although he never forgets where he comes from and where his roots are, he expands on an international level and globalises his reach in general.


The history of Miroslavo began when Miroslav Stibůrek founded a limited liability company on June 3, 2014, in Prague. He was 28 years old at the time. Although its history is still relatively short, it has already gone through quite a bit.

As a designer, he was already very involved during his university years and was freelancing for companies as a graphic and web designer. Even when he was 5 years old, he sold his drawings to his grandfather and his friends. He also built the Technics Lego for adults or designed clothes he then wore. His artistic, technical and business talent have been showing and manifesting themselves from an early age.

In adulthood, however, it took him a while to overcome several life barriers and also to rediscover his true passions. But with his resilient and persistent nature, he did it and with the help of his parents, founded his company (originally under a different name and direction). His career as a professional designer truly kickstarted when he won his first international design award in 2016 and gained his first major client. The dream began to be realised.

The Name

“Of course, Miroslavo comes from my first name Miroslav, which was actually my original intention. But when I moved to Barcelona in late September 2016, I started painting and developing my creativity in a different way. I learned that Miroslavo is a Spanish and Italian alternative for Miroslav. This name fulfilled all requirements and perfectly captured my identity.  It created countless possibilities for the future. The artwork was completed.” — Miroslavo