About Us

Miroslavo is the name of our award-winning studio and under which we provide our services and sell our products. It was founded by Miroslav Stibůrek, who since a young age pursued his passions and eventually established a company under a version of his first name.

As a company, we provide professional services in the fields of industrial design, 3D prototyping, research & development, consulting, graphic design, web design, photography, video production and online marketing. We also have our own line of products such as original paintings and drawings created in our studio as well as products like posters, pillows, clothing with the art printed on them, provided by our external manufacturers. Miroslavo’s artwork is already present at homes, offices and commercial spaces in Spain, Czechia, England and Mexico.

We have our own prototyping workshop and have a physical presence in Spain as well as the Czech Republic, and we work with companies and individuals all over the world.

The Name

“Miroslavo comes from my first name Miroslav, which was actually my original intention. But when I moved to Barcelona in late September 2016, I started painting and developing my creativity in a different way. I learned that Miroslavo is a Spanish and Italian alternative for Miroslav. This name fulfilled all requirements and perfectly captured my identity. It created countless possibilities for the future. The artwork was completed.” — Miroslav Stibůrek