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What is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)?

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) marketing technique can bring targeted visitors to your websites through search engines and keep them coming even years after you have stopped investing into SEO. 

It’s done through the following methods:

  • Optimising your written and visual content so it’s easy for search engines to find you
  • Finding the keywords people use to search for your services and products online
  • Optimising the technical part of your website, so that it’s fast, contains correct and keyword-rich meta tags
  • Building a network of partners, collaborators and friends that link to your websites
  • Generating quality content or being innovative with digital PR
  • Great interlinking structure on your website
  • Making sure you make your key pages visible and they are targeted at the right searches in Google
  • Being in touch with the current trends and search algorithms to make sure you don’t lose out on organic traffic
By doing these key steps, one can achieve great results because what SEO does is that it brings leads to your website like clockwork, and unlike paid ads, it doesn’t stop once you stop running ads. 
Investing into search engine optimisation is the single best and most sustainable investment you can make.

So How Can We Help Your Niche Brand & Company?

The fact that you are here means you have come here in part because of our SEO efforts. Now we can help you achieve the same through our monthly and ongoing SEO maintenance and analysis service. What does this service include?

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Technical & On Page SEO

We look at your website, the backend, the HTML, the speed, search console, robots.txt, see if there any issues with crawling. We also look at title and description tags. We take a look at your linking structure, sitemap, etc.

Keyword Research & Analysis

We perform an in-depth keyword analysis into what keywords people use to search for your kind of services. We analyse the data and select the focus as well as long-tail keyword to target our content at.

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Content Creation & Optimisation

If you already have content on your website, we analyse it and optimise it in a way to maximise visibility in search engines like Google or Bing. We can also find opportunities for new content and traffic, and generate written content as a result.

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Web Design & UX

We work on improving the visual aspect of your website, as well as improving the user experience to make sure that you are the getting the maximum out of your opportunities to sell your offer to your visitors. We can also build you a website from scratch.

Link Building & Digital PR

Link building is a crucial part of the SEO game, and it’s where we have the opportunity to get you connected with the world, other businesses, websites and influencers. We can also generate innovative ways to bring you organic links.

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SEO Analytics & Reporting

Analytics and Reporting is the part which helps us monitor our SEO efforts and understand what is going on your website, where users come from, how long they stay, which pages generate most leads, which keywords they use to come in, etc. 

Awards, Education & SEO Certifications

What SEO Services Can We Offer You

* Prices are without VAT 21%

Our Regular Clients

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A Spanish company with branches in Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia specialised in offering immigration and legal services. They have helped more 10,000 people with obtaining their NIE Residency Card, Social Security Number, Empadronamiento, Open their Bank Account, etc.

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Translation Services

InterPreCzech, established by Tamara Precek, a seasoned interpreter and translator fluent in multiple languages, operates in both the Czech Republic and Spain. Tamara excels in providing top-tier translation, interpretation, and cultural mediation services across Czech, Spanish, Catalan, and Hungarian.

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CENTRO Shopping Mall

A shopping mall based in the Czech Republic that accommodates various businesses like a bakery, pastisseria, flower shop, jewellery store, sport betting and a Miroslavo's Art gallery.

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Local Bakery in Benešov

Family bakery and confectionery company founded in 1991 in Benešov on Masaryk Square. Stibůrkovo pekařství is a family bakery and confectionary company founded in 1991 in Benešov on Masarykovo náměstí. Honest bakery craft, traditional recipes, handmade production, a healthy way of life and the satisfaction of our customers - this is the motto of our bakery.

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Abstract Art for Sale

Miroslavo Art Gallery is one of our own projects that focuses on promoting and selling abstract art made by Miroslavo and other artists managed by the gallery.

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Expert in Neuroscience

Gladys Kali is an expert in neuroscience and through her knowledge in the fields, she helps executives, leaders and business people with the increase of their performance, stress management and overall, improve well-being.

Other companies we have collaborated with

Miro's marketing skills have been instrumental for our business, particularly in managing our Google Ads campaign for NIE services. Over the past year, his expertise consistently delivered outstanding results, increasing qualified leads while decreasing the cost per conversion and boosting the conversion rate. Miroslavo's proficiency extends to SEO, Keyword Research, setting up Google Analytics and producing top-tier graphic design work with remarkable speed. What truly sets him apart is his adaptability and quick response to the ever-changing digital landscape, ensuring a steady flow of leads. He has also always provided great advice and strategy consulting for our business. Besides, his artistic background brings a unique perspective to our strategies, adding a creative and innovative dimension. Miro's professionalism, creativity, and unwavering commitment to our success make him an exceptional asset. We wholeheartedly recommend him and his agency for any business consulting needs.

Marie Sogelova

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