An Artist with a Purpose

IMG 0824It’s my great pleasure to welcome you to the art section of my website which has been built with you in mind.

At the top, you may access all pages on my website including the design section, blog and more about my story, latest exhibitions, clients’ testimonials and other useful information.

You can also read about my sustainability practices and how I give part of my profits back to nature and its people. Last, but not least, there is the catalogue of paintings, drawings, hand-signed prints face masks and other products that are available for sale and can be purchased directly through this website.

Selling my work is one of the ways I’m able to share my art and to support myself in becoming the best artist I can be and give voice to this growing community that shares similar ideas, thoughts and emotions on life.

Since, I was a child and growing, I have been fascinated with life, emotions, the inner world and asking the big and small questions. As a young boy growing up in the Czech Republic, I had a lot of hobbies, but I do remember that drawing and inventing all sorts of things were a way to apply myself. It wasn’t until later in life though that I devoted myself to the pursuit of this journey and which I’m sharing with you through my website and ultimately through my work. 

To be finished…

New Paintings

Chasing The Sun Painting by Miroslavo

Chasing The Sun

Abstract painting Miroslavo



Face Masks

all over print premium face mask black front 6148f6545ad4c

Worthy Face Mask

all over print premium face mask black front 6144a191b801e

Tigress Face Mask