Sustainability is a word that has been thrown around a lot lately, but still many people don't know what it means and how it affects our lives. Perhaps it's the word, that doesn't really provide a hint. It's so abstract that you could imagine many things behind it.

Miroslav was included in the designers' database of the state agency CzechTrade, which connects companies with professional designers from the Czech Republic and EU member states. The database is being promoted in 48 countries. Introducing CzechTrade CzechTrade is a national pro-export organization established by the Ministry of Industry...

I decided to start the first month of 2019 in the same way I finished the last month of 2018—with passion, aggression and a great dose of energy.
This year has been truly life-changing and as it's coming to the end of it, I feel nostalgic and reflective on what has happened this year at the house of Miroslavo.