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Sales of Roller Blind Designed by Miroslavo and ISOTRA Have Doubled!

The sales of the Larra fabric roller blind manufactured by ISOTRA have doubled in the last quarter and keep exponentially growing, says the Marketing Director of ISOTRA a.s., Dr. Jakub Vaněk. The innovative and visually appealing roller blind is becoming popular amongst homeowners for its variability, choice of fabric and timeless design.

It’s great to see that the efforts and years of development we put into this product have encouraged people to place it in their homes and I’m grateful I was able to be a part of the product development team. Seeing Larra in people’s home, improving their lives is everything we could have asked for.


ISOTRA is a Czech company with an international presence focused on the research and development of window shading technology and its impact on energy savings. After 27 years of existence, it has grown into one of the industry’s leaders. It exports to 45 countries, employs over 500 people and in 2018, had a turnover of €34.16 million.

Where can you buy their products?

Through their partners or directly by contacting their sales department.

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