I decided to start the first month of 2019 in the same way I finished the last month of 2018—with passion, aggression and a great dose of energy.
This year has been truly life-changing and as it's coming to the end of it, I feel nostalgic and reflective on what has happened this year at the house of Miroslavo.
I have decided to write a series of articles exploring the freelance business and lifestyle, each exploring its own subfield. It's a hot topic nowadays, as more people are motivated to start their own business so I would like to share some of my own wisdom from being a freelancer. Some may find it useful, some may not, either way, it's nice to write about this and know that it could help somebody one day.

Marketing is undoubtedly the single most important thing in any social activity. It's everywhere and in everything. It's in business. It's in creating friends. Marketing is about being yourself, true to your identity while showing and sharing your products, services, talents and qualities with the...