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5 Things I Have Learnt as a Creative Entrepreneur: A Relentless Pursuit of Personal Fulfilment

I have been an entrepreneur most of my life. But my story isn’t about growing a huge company or launching the next big tech company; that was never my goal. My mission was always about living from my passions in a sustainable way while maintaining a work-life balance. To be able to do what you love and make a living from it.

At Miroslavo, I offer diverse creative services, ensuring a fulfilling career that aligns with my values and meets my clients’ needs.

There are the 5 things I had learnt having gone through various business fields.

1. Embrace Your Early Passions

From a young age, I was drawn to painting, visual design, word play, marketing and photography. These early interests were more than hobbies; they were the foundation of my creative journey. Recognize and nurture your childhood passions, as they often point to your true calling.

2. Adapt and Diversify

My journey through design, art, marketing, and family business taught me the importance of adaptability. Embracing new skills and roles allows for personal growth and opens up diverse opportunities. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and explore different avenues.

3. Balance Passion with Practicality

While passion drives creativity, practicality ensures sustainability. Working in marketing provided financial stability, which allowed me to continue pursuing my creative projects. Find a balance between what you love and what pays the bills. You can combine them, but don’t let your creative pursuits be paralysed by lack of income. Find the combination that works for you.

4. Follow Your Own Path

After managing my father’s golf business, I realized I was following someone else’s dream. This prompted a return to my true passions. It’s crucial to listen to your inner voice and pursue your own goals, even if it means making tough decisions and changes. It’s scary to be your own person, but only then you will self-actualise.

5. Embrace Independence

Moving to Barcelona and establishing my own company underscored my entrepreneurial spirit. Being independent means taking full control of your career and learning how to sell your skills and services. Independence can be challenging, but it offers unparalleled freedom and fulfillment.


My journey as a creative entrepreneur has been a mixture of learning, adapting, and evolving. Embrace your passions, adapt to new challenges, balance your dreams with practicality, follow your unique path, and cherish the freedom of independence. This relentless pursuit of personal fulfillment is what makes the journey truly rewarding.

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