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Art, Autobiography / 21.04.2020

I grew up in a small village, about 50 km southeast of Prague. My childhood was quite playful. The landscapes and countryside gave me a lot of space for creativity as well as mischief. I think I was quite a happy child, even though my hyper-sensitivity caused me various problems, which I let out in various ways, sometimes good, but sometimes also bad. One thing I did was create art. From an early age, I painted, drew, built, created word games and connections, built useful objects and tools, etc. I enjoyed creating and playing. After all, like every child. All children are creative, but adolescence, school, system or environment sometimes overshadows or completely suppresses this ability. But it is possible to reignite it in oneself again. And this is where my artistic journey begins ...
Art / 24.03.2020

How I paint my abstract paintings on canvas
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Painting creation is a process that is not always straightforward and the same. It requires proper preparation, patience and an idea. It usually starts with some impulse to express something, coming from an inner urge, to really put something out there. The moment my brain processes all this information, the idea comes, and so does choosing the canvas and its purchase. Sometimes the idea comes after buying a canvas and sometimes I spontaneously start painting and interesting things arise from it, it varies (note: at this stage of my career, I buy an already stretched canvas on a wooden frame). If I already have an idea and know what colors I will use, I go and buy paints (acrylic) and other necessary tools. If everything is ready and set, painting can begin. In most cases, I leave something down to chance and power of the moment. I suppose I like surprises, uncertainty, and spontaneity...
News / 11.11.2019

With 2020 comes a new look of Miroslavo's website which has now launched.  A lot of importance has been placed on user experience and usability. The minimalistic, humble and elegant look was maintained from its previous version as the philosophy of Miroslavo is grounded in servicing others.
Art / 05.08.2019

After the EXPOSED exhibition in my home studio, which turned out wonderfully, I was approached by an Italian local based in Barcelona's El Born district. We organised an "art and wine" event during the inauguration and my 6 new abstract paintings were exhibited all week. The...