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Passion Turned into Legacy: Miroslavo® is Now a Registered Trademark

It’s my great pleasure to announce that Miroslavo® has become an internationally registered trademark and brand name, and is now officially protected by law.

This marks an incredible milestone in the journey of not just converting Miroslavo into a personal brand and a serious business but to a symbol and beacon for the unique combination of creativity, passion, and excellence as well as for the cultural identity and background that comes with that name.


In 2013, I ventured into selling designer clothing with a physical store based in Prague. However, I soon realised that my true passion lay in combining my invention, passion, and entrepreneurship. That’s when I conceived the idea of establishing a brand using my first name to showcase my designs, artwork and other products and services. I also chose it because the name is made up of two Czech words,
Mir and Slav, which means peace and glory.

After relocating to Barcelona, Spain in 2016, I had a chance to reinvent myself further, and I knew I needed to add something peculiar to the name to make it more unique and global, but reflective of my roots and cultural background. The missing piece was the letter “O” which added the right spice for the project to manifest and was the result of the Italian and Spanish influences I had gained in those
years. Putting it all together gave us Miroslavo, which no one used, it was an untaken land and an opportunity for me to own it.

While trademarking personal brand names can be challenging, I believed that this name had a distinctive quality deserving of legal recognition. And I’m glad the European Intellectual Property Office saw it the same way.

Almost a decade later since the idea started circling, seeing the ® symbol next to the name marks a significant achievement not only for me but for the brand, the company, and the community that has grown around it. It’s no longer just me chasing my dreams, other people are involved in the success of the brand, collaborators, partners, and the surrounding community are all participating and being very supportive, which I have been very thankful for. Just go and visit each section on the website and see what people have said about our products and services.

Future of Miroslavo

I see Miroslavo as a testament to the possibility of converting one’s passions and abilities into a business. This is what I want to continue communicating through the respective fields as well as directly help others through coaching and achieving the same.

Since the beginning, the focus of the project was to combine and integrate and focus on the areas of art and design. It remains so, as I have believed since the beginning, that they are complementary fields, even though each division has its customer base.

The focus remains on building the brand, growing the business and continuing to do what one loves, and not forgetting why I founded the brand in the first place: to inspire, provide solutions, and have some fun while doing so.

Thank you for being a part of this wonderful journey, and I hope to keep bringing new and exciting things to you.

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