Miroslavo Live Painting Performance

Miroslavo Delivers a Striking Performance at Harvard’s Connext Conference

Miroslavo delivered a brilliant live painting performance at the close of HBS Online’s Connext Conference 2023, which was watched by more than 500 people from 171 countries. The moment was special and Miroslavo’s hard work paid off, his art receiving global recognition and appraisal, both from possibly the most famous and prestigious school in the world, Harvard, as well as from its diverse and collaborative community that has been truly and utterly engaged in the creation of Miroslavo’s painting, that’s been given the name Global Symphony, generated by one of the participants. It was the perfect display of when individual and collaborative genius comes together, and create something awesome.

Global Symphony

Moments from the broadcast

Screenshot 2023 05 22 at 11.45.43 1

Screenshot 2023 05 22 at 11.44.10 1

Screenshot 2023 05 22 at 11.45.05 1

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