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Recently, I decided to donate 3% of all my future profits from painting sales through Saatchi Art to The Art Room charity in Oxford, UK, that aims to help children and young people explore their identity, grow in confidence and develop the social skills they...

I created a new series of drawings over the Easter Holiday with feelings of Freedom and Self-Acceptance. Marker on A4 paper. I will be also putting them up for sale through Saatchi. Self-acceptance (2017). Freedom (2017) – Part 1 Freedom (2017) – Part 2 Freedom (2017) – Part 3 Freedom (2017) –...

I would like to share what I created this week. It’s called Reality of Happiness and basically, expresses how happiness is realised and what real happiness looks like. At the end of every painting I ended up being very happy. During the process, I managed to face all my feelings and...