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Last weekend, I decided to overcome my worst nightmares. I took my brushes, paints and newly purchased travel easel, and headed outside to start painting at my favourite spot in Barcelona—El Parc del Turó del Putxet. Thanks to my partner in crime, I have everything very...

Not only did Miroslavo pick up a brush just 3 years ago, but his work is now heading to the famous art village called Èze, where he will exhibit his paintings for 2 weeks. Situated in the south of France, 8 km from Monaco and...

I decided to start the first month of 2019 in the same way I finished the last month of 2018—with passion, aggression and a great dose of energy.
This year has been truly life-changing and as it's coming to the end of it, I feel nostalgic and reflective on what has happened this year at the house of Miroslavo.