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Art / 03.03.2021

One of the most challenging paintings I have ever done. Not just because of its whopping size of 162x130CM, but mostly because of its emotional and intellectual content.⁠ You may perceive it in various ways, it's entirely up to you how you want to interpret the...

News / 09.02.2021

I am deeply grateful to be able to make it this far as to have a listing in a major international art and culture publication like AestheticaThe magazine, published both online and offline, has a readership of 490,000; is stocked in prestigious galleries (Tate Britain, Saatchi Gallery, Palais de Tokyo, MCA Chicago, amongst others) as well as international art fairs and festivals, 600 WH Smith stores, train stations, airports, newsagents and galleries in over 20 countries worldwide.
News / 05.02.2021

We have collaborated on a project for TAPP Water, a Barcelona based start up, which manufactures and sells sustainable water filtration technology. Through its US partner, Flowater, it launches its products in the United States. We are proud we were responsible for the proper functioning and...

Art, Business / 22.06.2020

Ok, there are numerous articles written on this and I have read quite a bit of them, since I was recently trying to set up my instagram for shopping. Now the problem was, that Facebook kept telling me that I'm ineligible for Instagram shopping. I tried everything the articles suggested, but still had failed. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and reached out to Facebook directly. After some persistence, diligence and complaints to Facebook support about their unwillingness to help me solve my problem, they had eventually stepped up and took matters very seriously and helped me make my account eligible for Instagram Shopping. That information I haven't found anywhere else online and so I would like to share this newly acquired knowledge that I have received directly from the company. Hopefully, it will save you a lot of headaches and time when stumbling upon this issue.
Art, Autobiography / 21.04.2020

I grew up in a small village, about 50 km southeast of Prague. My childhood was quite playful. The landscapes and countryside gave me a lot of space for creativity as well as mischief. I think I was quite a happy child, even though my hyper-sensitivity caused me various problems, which I let out in various ways, sometimes good, but sometimes also bad. One thing I did was create art. From an early age, I painted, drew, built, created word games and connections, built useful objects and tools, etc. I enjoyed creating and playing. After all, like every child. All children are creative, but adolescence, school, system or environment sometimes overshadows or completely suppresses this ability. But it is possible to reignite it in oneself again. And this is where my artistic journey begins ...