Professional Soul Searching Creates Miroslavo

I recently finalised my “professional soul searching”. I decided to integrate all my design, photography, engineering, art services and other related business activities under one roof. Everything is now MIROSLAVO, a pseudonym created from my birth name that has risen from my artistic journey. The style of the logo and brand’s philosophy remains the same, except now it has an extra O, and all is located on a new domain

created by miroslavo

I created another logo or perhaps more of an artistic impulse, and it’s the one that looks like a signature and is currently used for the most creative part of the business. It’s playful, rebellious, open, and represents Miroslavo’s boundless creation in his art and design. Miroslavo uses variations of this logo/signature to sign all his artistic, design and other original creations stemming out of his pure desire to create greatness.[:]

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