[:en]Miroslavo’s Paintings: The Present and Lollipop[:] [:cs]Obrazy od Miroslavo: Přítomnost a Lízátko[:] [:es]Pinturas de Miroslavo: Presente y Lollipop[:]

The Present and The Lollipop are now off to Italy!

My babies have left the nest! Paintings The Present (2017) and the Lollipop (2017) are now off to Italy ??, where they will be managed and presented by my art dealer at the Bergamo Arte Fiera 2018!

How do I feel? Well, you could say very anxious and like a part of me has just suffered a great loss, since there is a chance that I will not see them again. On the other hand, I need to let them spread their wings. Either way, who knows what will happen, the important thing is that I’m enjoying this moment. My art is moving and I have the opportunity to exhibit my paintings at a reputable art fair in the centre of art and culture.

I’m definitely “in” my comfort zone now, just the way I like it ?.

Fare well and have a good trip you two!


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