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New Paintings. Having patience and giving it time.

I created 3 new paintings and some new questions have come my way like where is the line between being scared to act and being impulsive? How do you achieve that balance?

I had some moments of impatience during the creative process like having to wait for the paint to dry before applying a new layer or waiting some time between painting phases. It was a battle between logic and emotion. One wants to wait and think, the other wants to act and create. In the end, they managed to work together to achieve a result that satisfied both, but it’s sure been a hell of a ride.

Now onto the most important part.

Play song before viewing.


Painting by Miroslavo: Happy Tears

Happy Tears

Medium: Acrylic
Material: Cotton canvas
Technique: Various brush work and drip painting.
Size: 54 x 81 x 1.7 cm

Painting by Miroslavo: Traveller


Medium: Acrylic
Material: Cotton canvas
Technique: Brush work, drip and hand painting
Size: 65 x 46 x 1.7 cm

Statement:  “Sometimes it’s better to zigzag than go in a straight line.” Quote by psychologist Gabriela Rangel.

Miroslavo’s Paintings: The Present

The Present

Medium: Acrylic
Material: Cotton canvas
Technique: Brush
Size: 33 x 46 x 1.7 cm

Statement: In the present, you carry both, the baggage of the past and the vision of the future.[:]

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