[:en]Miroslavo’s Paintings: Progress[:] [:cs]Obrazy od Miroslavo: Pokrok[:] [:es]Pinturas de Miroslavo: Progreso[:]

New Painting: How have I progressed as an artist?

I just finished a new canvas painting created with acrylics. It’s called Progress. Why? Well, there are many things I had screwed up as well as achieved since coming to Barcelona in October/November 2016, which is also when I started painting and created my first canvas. So far it’s been an incredible journey of raw emotion, logic, resilience and perseverance. This artwork I created talks about my artistic evolution in its unique abstract way and shows various inventions that I created during the past year. Not only that, it talks about a new phase of my life which I’m currently going through and an opinion of the future.

I will be very happy if you comment below on what this painting brings out inside yourself and share your knowledge, ideas and experience, no matter what it is or how it may sound. Go nuts!

Miroslavo’s Paintings: Progress   Miroslavo’s Paintings: Progress   Miroslavo’s Paintings: Progress


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