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Miroslavo is Now for Hire as a Multidisciplinary Creator

I have given this quite a bit of thought, and put together various professional services that I have carefully selected based on my past experiences and passion. Each service has its own story and history, since they are abilities that I have accumulated over my career. These services that I now provide to my clientele are from the fields of design, photography, art and internet marketing. So what are they?

Internet marketing

Internet marketing is quite close to my heart since it is something which I started my career with and where I learnt the basics of design.

I have learnt about the field of internet marketing through exploring and experimenting in the fields of SEO, Google Analytics, Brand name creation, PPC advertising and content creation. I now those offer it as a service to others.

Design Services

Design is my great passion and I have dreamt of being a designer since I was young as I had always loved solving problems while making things beautiful. I had a standard path as a designer, starting with graphic and web design, then touched a bit of interior design and continued onto industrial/product design which creates the highest demands on my mind enabling me to fully explode all my abilities.

Photography Services

Taking pictures makes me incredibly happy and I couldn’t live without it. The second I pick up a camera I lose myself in finding the perfect moment to capture and making it a lasting memory. I now offer professional photography services to reach a wider audience and provide service to others.

Art on Commission

Creating art makes me feel like I don’t need anything else in my life. Through art, I’m able to speak my inner thoughts and emotion without having to say a word.

In my art, I explore how I feel in the current moment and our society and tackle various social and philosophical dilemmas like happiness, openness, failure, fear, spirituality, creativity, logic and many others.

I create paintings, drawings and murals, as well as digital art. I can also create a painting, drawing, mural or a piece of digital art specifically made to somebody’s needs for example a digitally processed portrait while adding my own artistic touch and spontaneity.

With art on commission I’m able to share the joy and emotion directly with another person, since it usually involves a lot of mutual cooperation and exchange of ideas.

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