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One of the most challenging paintings I have ever done. Not just because of its whopping size of 162x130CM, but mostly because of its emotional and intellectual content.⁠ You may perceive it in various ways, it’s entirely up to you how you want to interpret the artwork, after all, there will always be a certain level of subjectivity in art, human conversations or whatever else that is perceivable by the human mind.⁠

But this is what I have to say…

⁠In the current world we live in, it seems that it doesn’t take only balls to be independent (in its all meanings), it takes pussy too, and a considerable amount of it, since it’s still generally perceived that balls are stronger than pussy. Now, for me, pussy or balls have a lot of meanings: woman x man, femininity x masculinity, black x white, emotional x rational. Those are things that live within all of us, and we all have a unique mixture of those things regardless of what gender you are. I also believe that they are all equally strong, but each has talents in different areas and when working together, they work the best, kind of like humanity or the mind.

IMG 5559

Today, we have various communities expressing social dilemmas like gender, race, background, ideology and social inequality. Be it the #MeToo movement, the #LGBTIQ+ community, the #ArtistCommunity, the #IT community, or whatever other community that feels the need to unite and stand for their values. In general, they all face a certain kind of bias, judgement or mistreatment towards them.⁠ Naturally, they feel the need to express the strength of their talents or the social problems they are facing to drive a social change.

I can relate to that. I paint because it makes me happy, it’s a form of therapy for me, I like to create beauty and I like to express my thoughts and opinions on human nature and innovation. And, of course, I have been receiving my share of resistance and bias from society, whether it was towards me becoming an artist, an expat coming from “Eastern Europe”, a highly sensitive man who expresses his emotions, being gifted in numerous disciplines, wanting to own a business, questioning things that are “given”, etc….this list can go on and on and I’m sure you can create a list like this as well, because every one of us feels a certain type of bias or resistance from the surroundings. Generally, the more authentic and yourself you try to be, the more resistance you are going to experience. Ha, another bias. Be authentic = facing rejection. Perhaps it should be – be authentic = feel acceptance and receive valuable feedback.


I think we all wish to be independent in a way, we want to feel free of judgement, prejudice, politics, dysfunctional systems and methods, financially independent, choice independent etc. We want to be ourselves, be authentic without all of that extra resistance and obstacles that hinder our progress and give us extra struggle and problems. But just being yourself all the time can also be a problem. I guess what I’m trying to say is that we need to thrive for harmony. An ancient concept that keeps being reinvented but we have yet to master it. Wouldn’t you agree?

What is your idea of the world you would like to live in and what is this painting telling you?

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