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Paintings and Drawings Now Available for Sale Through My Website

It’s been a year since I launched my own website Miroslavo.com and it’s been a ride ever since. I’ve been trying to continuously develop, step by step, individual parts of my site – writing one article per month, building a glossary of terms, constantly updating my art portfolio, etc. In fact, it’s a process I enjoy.

And recently I took another a big step and that was the creation of my own online shop through which I can present my art for sale. Originally, I thought this step would take place sometime in the distant future, but circumstances allowed me to do this much earlier. And I’m glad for it.

Over the past year, I have experimented with various platforms selling artwork for other artists. But I realized that nothing offers so much efficiency and flexibility over the interface, look and user experience like having my own e-commerce page.

So in the recent months, I have invested time and effort into building a shopping section of my site that would fully integrate into my current site and match the contemporary design. As a result, the visitor does not have to go anywhere else to complete a sale or communicate with the artist. An important aspect of the development was the simplicity of buying and elimination of distracting elements.

The shop is now fully functional. It’s a place on my site where potential clients can view my modern paintings and drawings for sale online including their prices, shipping, and the story behind them. Since my goal is to be global, the prices are quoted in EUR, and they are the same for all. However, the client can pay in any currency through his card, Paypal or bank transfer.

The artwork can be ordered and delivered anywhere in the world via UPS within a few days (from the time the package is ready for shipment), depending on which particular UPS service the customer chooses. Then, all is left is to wait for the package and hang the art piece on the wall.

Important Notice: All shipping calculations on my site are updated in real-time directly from UPS. Everything happens in one place, on my site secured by an SSL cryptographic certificate, which means that all communications and data transfers are encrypted. Encrypted are both the data transfers between my website and UPS or Paypal, as well as any information that the customer enters during purchasing. In addition, UPS and Paypal use their own SSL certificates, so the entire buying process is secured.


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