Miroslavo's Campaign: Genius Is Within All Of Us

I think like an adult but play like a kid. I’m Miroslavo.

Creation started for me when I was a child. I remember inventing words, making drawings, creating designs from lego as well as making clothes. When I was 5, I was selling my drawings in our garden and later in the local village. The artistic, technical and business spirit was inside me since a young age. Even though life later took me in various directions, I finally rediscovered that energetic and passionate child, and commenced my journey as a full-time artist and designer, just before I moved to Barcelona at the age of 29. The story of Miroslavo started to be written.

I moved to Cataluña due to the freedom of self-expression one can conduct here. With so many great past masters and culture, it was the ideal place for me to grow as a creator and a human being. I had always been strongly autodidactic, however, to be an autodidact, one needs a lot of good things around him to learn from. And Barcelona has it all, great past masters like Miró, Picasso, Gaudí, Dalí…as well as amazing architecture, way of living, beautiful surrounding nature, great food culture… it’s almost impossible to chew all of it in one lifetime. In the past 3 years, I had been living here, I have grown so much and I’m deeply grateful I can be a part of this place and share with it my love and passion for creation.

I strongly believe that all people on this planet have the potential to be creative. Kids are born inventive and have a genius inside them, it’s only through growing up as well as personal and societal conflicts, they lose this touch with their inner child. From personal experience, I know that this connection can be reignited and rediscovered. This is the fundamental philosophy behind my artwork.

I spread my passion, philosophy and message through various ways, like creating paintings, performing live painting sessions in the streets of Barcelona, art exhibitions, founding communities and generally by speaking with people. I breathe and live art, it touches every part of my life and I share that with interested parties.

Besides expressing myself as an artist, I apply my talent in design, where I not only help others achieve their creative goals but also spread my passion through the finished creations. It can be anything from a physical product that solves a problem or makes people’s home more beautiful and functional, to a logo which a business uses to create an identity with which their customers later identify with. I like to think of myself as the modern-day renaissance man as throughout my lifetime I have excelled in many and sometimes completely unrelated fields.

I use this knowledge I have gained in the past three decades to help others achieve their creative goals. I have previously worked with global innovators, market leaders, museums, communities, institutions, local companies and individuals from all over the world.

I have a passion and I want to share it as much as possible through as many fields I’m able to mentally process. I’m deeply aware of the fact that time is finite and that there are things I still don’t know and might never know. But I do know one thing for sure, I will do my best.[:]

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