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How to Maintain Your Dreams Alive in Hard Times and Not Give Up

Okay, dreams – we probably all have them, right? They are the desires and wishes that we have for our lives, which we want to fulfill in this lifetime. For some, they get lost; they get buried deep down and become a mere “what if” or “I would like to” or “I wish I had the gift,” or other excuses that we manage to come up with. Of course, sometimes the timing is just not right, or we have some other responsibilities or burdens that life has put in our way. However, I still believe that even in the most unfortunate circumstances, we can find the light and motivation to pursue our dreams, even if it’s for an hour a day, or at night during the weekend, or whatever.

Overcoming Obstacles to Pursue Dreams

I am quite a dream-indulgent person; some have called me a dreamer, and I do like to daydream. Sometimes I even find myself slipping into wishful thinking; however, I have not given up on my dreams of being an independent designer, businessman, and artist. While the journey has been riddled with various obstacles mixed with acts of self-sabotage, I have, to this moment, persisted in going after my dreams, passions, freedom, and independence.

The Unyielding Pursuit of Passion

I have also realized that I will either make it or die trying because I don’t see any other way. My passion and determination to realize what I love doing go beyond mere financial rewards, recognition, or visibility; it’s ingrained in my soul, and I feel I was brought here to use my abilities for something great. We were all brought into this world to fulfill our purpose, desires, and wishes, and hell, I plan to give it my best shot, and so should you. Like the old cliché, you only live once, right? So you only get a one-shot at this; you better make it count.

Taking Action to Achieve Dreams

But how do you do that, right? How do you keep your dreams alive? It’s simple. You must want it; you must have a burning desire. You must have faith, and you must put your ideas into action. It’s about following your impulses and desires; that’s it. You want to start a business? Well, search for ways to do so. You want to be an artist? Well, start painting, drawing, learning, exploring, introspecting, writing, etc. See where that takes you.

Overcoming Resistance and Seeking Help

Don’t feel like it? Well, then maybe you don’t want it that bad, or something is blocking you. Ask for help! But most of all, TAKE ACTION, any action, however small or insignificant it may seem at first. It doesn’t have to be perfect or ideal, but taking some action is better than doing nothing. Want to start going to the gym? Start by going to the gym just to see how it feels; you don’t have to even do any exercise. You can take baby steps; it’s okay. Sometimes when we feel super bad, even making lunch or taking a shower might seem like an impossible task, so focus on taking any step that will propel you toward your bigger goal.

Learning from Experience

I say this from experience. Whenever I took action in the right moments, something crazy good happened to me and for me. Whenever I didn’t, nothing happened, and I had to face the consequences of those decisions, some of which I had regretted for a long time. But well, one can usually generate another chance at something (except life itself), but still, one can’t help but replay those moments from time to time. It’s important to move on from these thoughts too, and accept what happened and begin a new journey, make new actions, and generate new opportunities.

The Impact of Small Actions

The important part is to keep going, keep grinding, keep searching, and keep one’s eyes open. That’s the most important part, to see what’s happening around, to look for opportunities and have an open mind. That will help you to find what you are looking for; then it’s a matter of taking action and seeking those opportunities, putting your skin on the line, and waiting if something good turns out from it. Sometimes it turns into something awesome; sometimes it doesn’t. That’s a part of the journey, especially in the creative fields. One must handle success as well as failure or rejection gracefully and keep going. Actually, the most successful people in the world are the ones that have failed the most as well.

Embracing Self-Discovery and Growth

It’s pretty hard to swallow a pillow of failure, but it really is the resilience and ability to accept failure and quickly move on to the next opportunity or possible solution that makes a person repeatedly succeed. Whenever I had recovered quickly, I had another opportunity in my hands almost instantly; however, when I struggled to accept rejection or failure, it took me months to come back to my “self,” especially if it was something that was touching the most insecure and fearful parts of my psyche.

Moral of the story?

In the end, the essence of this journey lies not only in the achievement of dreams but in the continuous process of self-discovery and growth. By embracing the challenges, learning from failures, and persistently taking action, we unfold the layers of our potential. The pursuit of dreams is not just a destination but a transformative odyssey, shaping us into resilient individuals capable of turning setbacks into stepping stones.

So, as we navigate the unpredictable terrain of life, let us remember that the true measure of success is not solely in the destination but in the unwavering commitment to the path no matter what, in the unwavering determination to forge ahead despite the uncertainties, and to always get back on the horse even if we failed or self-sabotaged and have tons of regrets. Life, after all, is an ever-evolving painting, and our dreams, the vibrant strokes that color its narrative.

So, dare to dream, take actions, and embrace the journey – for it is in the pursuit that we truly come alive!

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