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How I paint my abstract paintings on canvas

Painting creation is a process that is not always straightforward and the same. It requires proper preparation, patience and an idea. It usually starts with some impulse to express something, coming from an inner urge, to really put something out there. The moment my brain processes all this information, the idea comes, and so does choosing the canvas and its purchase. Sometimes the idea comes after buying a canvas and sometimes I spontaneously start painting and interesting things arise from it, it varies (note: at this stage of my career, I buy an already stretched canvas on a wooden frame). If I already have an idea and know what colors I will use, I go and buy paints (acrylic) and other necessary tools. If everything is ready and set, painting can begin. In most cases, I leave something down to chance and power of the moment. I suppose I like surprises, uncertainty, and spontaneity…

Step to the unknown

miroslavo painting process scaledIf I’m happy with the primary colour of the canvas, I begin making the primary colour layer, the foundation, which usually establishes the fundamentals and initial atmosphere for the painting.

After that, I apply numerous other layers of paint, usually expressing whatever comes to my mind and feels like the right thing to do. Nevertheless, I always look for balance and harmony in each of my paintings.

By now, I have quite a rich vocabulary of styles, symbols, doodles, etc, so usually, an idea comes to me very quickly, plus I explore new ideas on a daily basis using sketching. However, in every situation, I express what I feel, think and experience around me.

I usually make a painting over a period of time, it can be hours, days or weeks. I used to rush my paintings and wanted to finish it all at once. It was maybe the excitement or inexperience, but in the end, I realised I need to let things grow and be patient, as it’s a process. Now, I just enjoy the journey, I guess that’s something to be said about life itself. Easier said than done though, but through a lot of practice, it’s possible.

Sometimes when I have nothing more to say than one move of a brush, I will close the day and wait until I have something to say again. You could say that I try not to paint unnecessarily. So if two days I have nothing to add to the picture, the picture will be standing and waiting. Sometimes I just approach the canvas, paint something and then let it be. Sometimes I know exactly what I want to express and I can have the painting ready in a few hours but sometimes it can take 2 or 3 weeks to finish. Sometimes it is systematic, sometimes very messy. Either way, that is the amazing part of it as something unexpected always happens, keeping things interesting and fresh.

Final step

When the painting is almost finished, comes the final step, and that is signing the artwork. This happens when I deem the painting done. Although this doesn’t happen always in this way, sometimes, I sign the artwork and continue painting. And that’s how it goes down most of the time.

Of course, once the painting is fully done and dry, post-production, photography, marketing, and sale follow. You can then view the finished artwork in my online gallery of abstract paintings on canvas, where it’s available for purchase. But these marketing and sales processes are a world of its own on which I could publish a separate post for each. Maybe I will one day, let’s see.

In the meantime, have an awesome day!




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