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Commissioned Paintings: Client’s Input, Artist’s Magic

When a painting is commissioned, it’s when something truly great happens. It’s a connection between two people who have decided to enter into an agreement to create a work of art. It’s not just an agreement between an artist and a client, it’s a bond and mixture of ideas and thoughts that shape the direction of the painting.

Hi! I’m Miroslavo. I’m an abstract artist based in Barcelona, and when people commission artwork from me, it’s usually because they are fond of my artistic style, and want me to create them a painting that captures their ideas, emotions and thoughts, but using my own artistic judgement. Also, every customer is different, some people like to have a little bit of control over the process, while others trust the process completely.

The Process Behind Commissioning a Work of Art

Gold Painting

Custom-made paintings are not works of art that the artist decides to make, it’s a painting that is guided by the input of the client. I guess that is the definition of a commissioned painting.

Things that customers usually specify:

  • specific colours
  • size of the painting
  • the theme or topic to be explored
  • certain techniques that I have used before
  • form and geometry to be included in the piece
  • written words to be integrated in the canvas
  • they will usually show me some paintings or details they like from me
  • and other suggestions based on what they like and want to see in the painting

Turning emotions and thoughts into a real painting

freedom and its limits painting miroslavo

Once I have gathered all the information necessary for me to create the painting, usually, the process is non-linear in time, so we will figure out some details along the way, but basic things like colour, size and style is predetermined.

Sometimes, I will create a proposal or some kind of a showcase what it could be like. I don’t like to exercise too much control in this process, as I like things to also be spontaneous and organic, so while there is some preparation and an idea what it will be like, the final product will be determined in each moment when the painting acts happen. This makes things happen more naturally, while still having control over the process. I would say it’s a form of a controlled chaos. There is no randomness or accident. There is intention behind every stroke and move.

Final Thoughts on Commissioned Paintings

Power, Lust and Love Painting by Miroslavo

Commissioning a painting from an artist is a wonderful thing to do, many of clients reported that it was a dream realised, a cathartical event, an emotional rollercoaster and a self-discovery event. Many artists aren’t fun of commissioned paintings, however, for me it’s an opportunity to help others experience what I experience in art by including them in the process. I probably enjoy it more than creating art just for myself, as I really get to enjoy both worlds when making an abstract painting on commission.

While I have to respect the wishes of the client, I have a lot of freedom to decide the final outcome, as clients trust me in creating a piece that will capture their world. However, I don’t lose myself in the painting, I have been hired as a professional artist to make a painting, so at the end of the day, I will take decisions based on what I think is the best for the piece, as that’s my expertise.

Commissioned paintings in their homes

When the process is finished and the client is happy, the painting is placed inside the designated space, which is usually known before the commission begins. This helps to make the artwork for the space in which it will live.

Making a painting is amazing, it’s process that my clients love, and I really enjoy, because it’s a collaboration and a connection between two human beings, their emotions, way of living and thinking.

If you are interested in knowing more about commissioning a painting, explore my dedicated page to commissions and learn more about how to commission a painting and give life to your ideas and emotions!

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