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How I Became a Professional Artist

I grew up in a small village, about 50 km southeast of Prague. My childhood was quite playful. The landscapes and countryside gave me a lot of space for creativity as well as mischief. I think I was quite a happy child, even though my hyper-sensitivity caused me various problems, which I let out in various ways, sometimes good, but sometimes also bad. One thing I did was create art. From an early age, I painted, drew, built, created word games and connections, built useful objects and tools, etc. I enjoyed creating and playing. After all, like every child. All children are creative, but adolescence, school, system or environment sometimes overshadows or completely suppresses this ability. But it is possible to reignite it in oneself again. And this is where my artistic journey begins …

The Beginnings and The Road to Happiness

The process of painting Road to Happiness

My historically first painting on canvas, The Road to Happiness created at the end of 2016.

I started painting at the age of 29. At that time (end of 2016) I moved to Barcelona, a city of creatives and historical masters such as Joan Miró, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalí, Antoni Gaudí, etc. I started investing more and more time in the creation of art and I had the perfect role models from which I could learn and who helped me on my journey. For the first three years, I only painted in my apartment, and improved very quickly with each new painting.

Exposing myself

After those early years, I started going outside and doing live painting performances in the streets of Barcelona.

I bought my first easel and started walking around with it, painting whatever I was inspired by. Usually, I picked a location for specific reasons. I went to places which meant something for me.

One day, even children from the local school of Sant Felip Neri also got involved and we created together.

In the same year, I also started exhibiting in local bars, restaurants and cafes and participating in group exhibitions in the Czech Republic.

During these moments, I also started working on my own online art gallery to present my work as a product that people can buy from all over the world. Since I have a wealth of knowledge in the areas of design, web applications, photography, etc., it was not such a problem for me and I did not have to invest any money into these things.

Professional Artist

In 2020, another turning point came, a big one, as I agreed to make a painting for Business Club 23 and thus got into the company of famous artists such as Joan Miró, Pablo Picasso, Antoni Tàpies, Salvador Dalí, Rembrandt, etc., which again raised my prestige as an artist. Creating artwork that will hang in this company was a very important step for me.

peace club23 barcelona miroslavo 2250x3000 1 scaled

Subsequently, we created a video together, where I talked about this piece.

At that moment, I also became the official artist of the club and we have agreed to begin creating exhibitions, work closely with the club’s clientele, etc. I have also made progress in the Czech Republic and we will be organising an exhibition with the Museum of Art and Design in 2020/2021.

I also started to further develop my own online art gallery not only with my original paintings and drawings, but also hand-signed prints, posters, mugs, pillows, T-shirts, etc. I have a reliable manufacturer who will produce it for me and deliver all over the world at very reasonable prices. If everything goes well, I would like to expand and improve the range at the same time. I found out that my work looks great on almost all subjects, so we’ll see where that takes me.


Portrait with United by Love

When I first grabbed a paintbrush and started my first painting, 2016, just before I moved to Barcelona, I knew I was born to do this and realised my gift. But the path to this moment was as thorny and chaotic as before I discovered my true passion, but with one exception, I already knew exactly what it was, to become a professional artist, to be a voice for the voiceless and at the same time to be able to make a living from it. Not only to make a living, but get ahead in life. Gradually and step by step, it’s starting to happen, even though I’m still at the beginning of my artistic career. But I enjoy every moment because I do what I love.

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