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Buying Original Art Online

Buying original artwork online is no longer something abnormal. In fact, the online art market has risen tenfold in the past 10 years. The online art market is estimated to be somewhere between 20-40% of global art sales. This is a significant amount, as it currently amounts to around $20 billion in online art sales alone. Nowadays, as a buyer, you have many options where to hunt for a new piece for your wall. Of course, depending on who you are and what you are looking for, will determine where is the best place for you to purchase a new piece. Let’s have a look at the options you have.

Art Marketplaces

One option that you have is to go shop on marketplaces, where thousands of artists create profiles and showcase their work. You have an unbelievably vast and at times overwhelming pool of artworks of different styles, sizes, techniques, quality and even mediums and categories of art, from painting, and sculpting to photography. Some of these platforms are:

  1. Saatchi Art
  2. Art Finder
  3. Artsy
  4. Etsy
  5. Amazon

Art Galleries

A lot of physical galleries also run their own online stores or online galleries, where you may view the works available and purchase them directly from that gallery. Usually, a gallery represents around 5-20 artists at once, and if it’s a good gallery, then the quality of the art is also very good, and you have a more curated selection of art pieces to choose from. Not to mention the customer service. However, you will likely not communicate or talk directly with the artist, as the gallerist acts on their behalf and sells you the artwork. So for people who like to meet or talk to the artists behind the work they are purchasing, then it’s better to go directly to the artists. However, not all of them have the entrepreneurial spirit to build a business around their art, so the pool narrows down, however, the quality of these independent artists is typically very high.

Directly from the Artist Gallery

By far the most exciting, in my opinion, is to purchase or commission directly from the artists. You will deal with them on a more personal basis and will get to know everything from why they created the piece, the behind-the-scenes, how the artwork was created, etc. I believe it’s the most inspiring experience for both sides.

To find self-represented artists, you also have to search for them independently, rather than going to marketplaces or picking a gallery. But usually conducting a search on Google, the style or characteristics you are looking for, where they are based if you want local for example, is always a great place to start. A great way to discover new independent artists is social media like Instagram or Facebook, where painters and other visual artists are also looking to discover people like you.

Worried about Shipping, Delivery and the Real Look of the Artwork?

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I’m not surprised, it’s a scary thing as you can be purchasing an original piece for hundreds or thousands of dollars, and you don’t want anything to happen to it. Also, you have only seen it from pictures on your electronic devices, how do you even know whether it looks exactly like that or if you can trust the visual? Well, this really depends on where you are purchasing it from, and I think the least amount of worry you will have is if you buy directly from an artist with a history of sales and positive customer reviews.

At least, speaking from my own attitude towards presenting my original paintings for sale. I take great care to make high-quality photographs where the colours are as close to reality as possible, and will show you exactly what you will be getting at your doorstep. Also, I usually insure the majority of the shipments after consulting with the customer, especially when shipping overseas, as the handling becomes rougher. Excellent protection of the piece is always in place, and so far (knock on wood), I haven’t had a single occurrence of delivering damaged goods. You can read more about our shipping procedure here and the testimonials from my customers both here and on Google.

Shop from the comfort of your home

The great advantage of shopping online is that you can order artwork from basically anywhere in the world and have it delivered to your doorstep. Maybe you like what we produce in Barcelona, the originality of the artwork inspired by the local sun, work/life balance and the Mediterranean, and you want a piece from a Barcelona-based artist. Or simply you found something original that you didn’t find anywhere else in the world, and you really want it and don’t mind paying extra for shipping.

This is all possible with a click of a button. We live in great times, where great artwork is at your fingertips. So go explore and get yourself something beautiful that will inspire you in your own spiritual journey!

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