Think Big, Think Differently


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Inspired by society’s recent events as well as the artist’s personal journey, Think Big, Think Differently revisits fundamentals and constructs a scene which demonstrates new knowledge gained from the world pandemic we have started to recover from and the artist’s personal view on that process.

Besides the amazing intermixing and overlapping of all primary colours, it’s impossible to overlook the bulb-like shape in the middle that symbolises new knowledge and wisdom.⁠⁠

Miroslavo has executed the message spectacularly here by using the fundamental elements of his art style while introducing new ones, creating a masterpiece that sets a strong foundation for the future to come.⁠

The painting argues that we should not limit ourselves in our minds as to what we can achieve next and while it’s important to use our fundamentals to support us on our next journey, it’s equally important to think beyond the expected and the way things were in the past. New horizons require a new way of thinking.


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Was displayed in Miroslavo’s solo exhibition in the Museum of Art and Design in Benešov, Czech Republic. From 07/10/2021 until 03/01/2022.

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Dimensions 61 × 50 × 2 cm



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