• Original and Meaningful Abstract Paintings

    Brush Stroke

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  • Original and Meaningful Abstract Paintings


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    Discover the captivating artistry of Miroslavo in this exquisite piece, where his signature doodles, nuanced texturing, and dynamic action painting converge. Created on a 41x33cm linen canvas, the matte black background imparts a sense of refined elegance and quiet confidence to the artwork. The textured surface creates a mesmerising 3D effect, giving the impression that the painting is reaching out, inviting you to touch and feel its depths. A subtle golden finish gracefully concludes the piece, adding an extra layer of flair and style. Miroslavo’s thoughtful craftsmanship is evident in every move, making this artwork a testament to his artistic finesse.

  • Mixed Media

    Purity Limited Edition 1/1

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  • Original and Meaningful Abstract Paintings

    Lightly, Freely & Happily

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  • Original and Meaningful Abstract Paintings


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  • Original and Meaningful Abstract Paintings

    On The Way to Freedom

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    “On the Way to Freedom” is a captivating painting that captures the essence of a moment filled with tremendous liberty and excitement. Created with a profound sense of exuberance, the artwork seamlessly combines various artistic techniques, an array of vibrant colours, and bold, expressive strokes. This piece reflects the unmistakable style that we have come to associate with Miroslavo, as it incorporates elements and motifs reminiscent of his previous works.

  • Original and Meaningful Abstract Paintings

    Live Forever

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    Live Forever is an abstract painting of size 35×27 cm made on linen canvas. The painting is a riot of colours, with vibrant hues of red, yellow, green, and gold blending and colliding with each other in a mesmerizing dance. The brushstrokes are bold, strong, and dynamic, creating a sense of movement and energy that draws the viewer in. Pay special attention to the texture of the linen canvas coming out through the colours, which evoke an oddly satisfying feeling. Along with gold splashes, symbols and lettering, the piece can bring harmony, luxury, and vibrancy to any space.

  • Original and Meaningful Abstract Paintings


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    Adelante is an abstract painting made on linen canvas of size 35×27 cm. The painting’s minimalistic nature almost gives us the impression that it’s too simple to bring us any true meaning, however, taking time to observe the piece, we start appreciating the fine details. For example, notice the pitch black colour and the various layers of material at different points of the painting. We see thick texture at some while thin at others, and this is when the premium quality of the linen canvas is revealing itself to us, and we can start appreciating the melodic strokes of black. Also, we start seeing shapes and faces inside the piece, as Miroslavo’s art and way of painting mostly come from the impulses and need of the unconscious mind to express itself. The fact that it’s painted on brilliant white canvas makes a striking contrast between two opposing worlds, which in the end connect with each other. The artwork is finished with bronze splashes which have a certain lightness to them, adding extra elegance to the piece and breaking down the black-and-white dilemma. With that, we begin to decipher the artist’s intent and message to the view: keep moving forward and onward, an important outlook to have on life if you want to keep on living. Like the title suggests, Adelante!

  • Sold Artwork

    Break Free

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    [:en]Break Free is a new painting in Miroslavo’s new collection inspired by the United States. As the title of the artwork suggests, it explores freedom and the feeling of being shackled by unfavourable thoughts, environment, circumstances or ideologies.

    Created on a canvas of size 146x114cm, the piece is dominated by the representation of a US flag, most evident at the top of the painting.

    The more we look towards the bottom of the painting, the more of a transformation we see from the artist, who partially break from the explicit representation of the US flag and expresses his ideas and emotions in the painting in a way that we are used to seeing from his work: colourful, bold, energetic, meaningful and thought-provoking.[:]

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