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    Face Your Fears

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    A vibrant and colour painting from Miroslavo which explores fears in its purest yet aesthetically pleasing way. We can conclude that while fear is scary, it can also be beautiful if we embrace it, accept it and work with it.

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  • Abstract Paintings for Sale


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    Break Free

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    [:en]Break Free is a new painting in Miroslavo’s new collection inspired by the United States. As the title of the artwork suggests, it explores freedom and the feeling of being shackled by unfavourable thoughts, environment, circumstances or ideologies.

    Created on a canvas of size 146x114cm, the piece is dominated by the representation of a US flag, most evident at the top of the painting.

    The more we look towards the bottom of the painting, the more of a transformation we see from the artist, who partially break from the explicit representation of the US flag and expresses his ideas and emotions in the painting in a way that we are used to seeing from his work: colourful, bold, energetic, meaningful and thought-provoking.[:]

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    When Life Gives You Lemons

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    [:en]A new masterpiece by Miroslavo, created on a canvas of 24x19cm with acrylics and spray, brilliantly captures the current climate that we are in right now. War, pandemic, economic and environmental crises. This painting touches the subject of motivation and state of mind during tough times and encourages the viewer to think about what to do in such moments. With the use of Miroslavo’s traditional techniques of spatcheling, a full-colour palette and tubing (a form of splashing) as well as a borrowed stencil technique famed by a street artist Bansky, he delivers an explicit message with a street-like feel while retaining the abstract nature of his artwork and beautifully evoking hope, beauty and motivation in uneasy times.[:]

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    [:en]Sovereignty is an original painting created on a linen canvas of 61x 50cm. It’s been made during the first major European elections of 2023, the election of the new Czech president. As the name suggests and the blue shows, the message is clear: sovereignty, power, peace, and honesty.[:]

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    Clean Heart

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    Doodle It!

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    [:en]This painting called Doodle it! had quite a creative journey and took some time to fully develop. The textured black and matte foundation gives an elegant yet rock-n-roll vibe. All finished by the top gold layer full of spontaneous lines and doodles, making this artwork an experience to immerse oneself in.

    Besides commissions that get pre-ordered, it is also the fastest-sold painting in our history. It quickly captured the interest of a collector. He didn’t want to take any chances and acquired it literally minutes after the piece was finished, the paint wasn’t even dry yet.



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    Pink and Blue

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    Pink and Blue is an original painting, of size 46×38 cm, in Miroslavo’s Single Collection, which uses only a few colours and techniques to deliver its aesthetic and symbolic value to the observer.

    It’s a highly abstract piece with a pink background and the artist’s signature technique in blue. The piece is finalised by an action painting technique producing pink splatters across the painting and Miroslavo’s signature in the bottom left corner.

    This artwork is a beautiful and masterful showcase of his experience, maturity, and techniques in a highly minimalistic way.

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