Colourful Abstract Paintings for Sale

Bold, provocative, expressive, and energetic – welcome to the world of original colourful abstract paintings by MIROSLAVO®. These artworks are characterized by their vibrant colours, modern flair, profound creativity, and playful spirit. Above all, they exude meaning and invention, making each piece a captivating journey into the realm of artistry.

These colourful paintings of abstract nature come in different sizes and price ranges, so feel free to look around to search for your kind of original abstract painting that is full of colours and life.

Contact us anytime for help with selecting the right artwork or commissioning a painting.

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    Colourful Abstract Paintings for Sale

    Lucky Tree

    Original price was: € 960.Current price is: € 800. Add to cart
  • Colourful Abstract Paintings for Sale

    Rock N Roll

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    [:en]Rock N Roll (2020) is the latest of Miroslavo’s masterpieces where we can see another advancement in his artistry and the introduction of a new splashing technique which pushes the composition a little further. The dedication to the craft and his unquenchable curiosity always makes him search for the new and the fresh. Innovation and pushing his own boundaries and limitations is in his absolute core so every new piece is better than the previous one. It’s guaranteed that if you get one of his paintings, you will have his best painting he made at that time. The immense energy and positivism that is inserted into his latest painting can be seen miles away. The combination of the full colour palette, his masterful vocabulary of techniques and the freedom and vigor with which he uses them, makes this painting true rock and roll.[:cs]Rock N Roll (2020) je nejnovějším z mistrovských děl Miroslava, kde můžeme vidět další pokrok v jeho umění a zavedení nové stříkající techniky, která posunuje kompozici opět o něco dále. Oddanost řemeslu a jeho neutuchající zvědavost ho vždy nutí hledat to nové a čerstvé. Inovace a posouvání vlastních hranic a omezení je v jeho absolutním jádru, takže každý nový kus je lepší než ten předchozí. Je zaručeno, že pokud získáte jeden z jeho obrazů, budete mít jeho nejlepší obraz, který v té době vytvořil. Obrovská energie a pozitivismus, který je vložen do jeho nejnovějšího obrazu, je vidět na míle daleko. Kombinace plné barevné palety, jeho mistrovského slovníku technik a svobody a elánu, s nimiž je používá, činí tento obraz skutečným rockem and rollem.[:]

  • Colourful Abstract Paintings for Sale


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    One that challenges the mind with its symbolism, warms the heart with its rich colour palette and excites the whole body with action painting.

  • Colourful Abstract Paintings for Sale

    Infinite Love

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    Colourful Abstract Paintings for Sale

    Pink and Blue

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    Pink and Blue is an original painting, of size 46×38 cm, in Miroslavo’s Single Collection, which uses only a few colours and techniques to deliver its aesthetic and symbolic value to the observer.

    It’s a highly abstract piece with a pink background and the artist’s signature technique in blue. The piece is finalised by an action painting technique producing pink splatters across the painting and Miroslavo’s signature in the bottom left corner.

    This artwork is a beautiful and masterful showcase of his experience, maturity, and techniques in a highly minimalistic way.

  • Colourful Abstract Paintings for Sale


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  • [:en]Miroslavo’s Paintings: Balloons[:] [:cs]Obrazy od Miroslavo: Balóny[:] [:es]Pinturas de Miroslavo: Globos[:]-40% Add to cart Quick View
    Colourful Abstract Paintings for Sale


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  • [:en]Miroslavo’s Paintings: Canvack[:] [:cs]Obrazy Miroslava: Plátňák[:] [:es]Pinturas de Miroslavo: Canvack[:]-38% Add to cart Quick View
    Colourful Abstract Paintings for Sale


    Original price was: € 800.Current price is: € 500. Add to cart
  • Colourful Abstract Paintings for Sale


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Colourful Abstract Art Paintings for Sale

In the realm of colourful abstract paintings for sale, MIROSLAVO® stands as a beacon of creativity and innovation. Each stroke on canvas tells a story, inviting viewers to delve into a world of boundless possibility. From small abstract art pieces to large format abstract paintings, there is something to enchant every admirer and art lover.

Different Sizes and Price Ranges of Colourful Paintings

These colourful abstracts come in different sizes and price ranges, ensuring there's a perfect fit for every space and budget. Whether you're searching for a statement piece to adorn your living room or a subtle accent to complement your office decor, MIROSLAVO®'s collection of original paintings has something to offer. You can also browse his collection of abstract art prints.

And if you can't find exactly what you're looking for, don't hesitate to reach out. MIROSLAVO® offers personalised assistance to help you select the perfect artwork or even commission a painting tailored to your specifications.

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