Original and Meaningful Abstract Paintings



Bold, provocative, expressive, and energetic – welcome to the world of original paintings by MIROSLAVO®. These artworks are characterized by their vibrant colors, modern flair, profound creativity, and playful spirit. Above all, they exude meaning and invention, making each piece a captivating journey into the realm of artistry.

They come in different sizes and price ranges, so feel free to look around to search your kind of artwork. Contact us anytime for help with selecting the right artwork or commissioning a custom piece.

  • Original and Meaningful Abstract Paintings

    Red and Cream

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    Red and Cream is another beautiful painting in Miroslavo’s Single Collection that uses one or two colours and his signature techniques to deliver its message in its purest form.

    The artist has started naming these last pieces with the concrete colours you see in the artwork, Pink and Blue, Red and Cream, and so on.

    The painting names zoom out a little from the usual philosophical approach of the artist, and he labels the pieces with highly concrete and “what is in front of your eyes” approach.

    This guides the observer to appreciate mostly its simple aesthetic and pure colour, while providing the opportunity to dig deeper into the self and let the piece transmit its emotions.

  • Original and Meaningful Abstract Paintings

    When Life Gives You Lemons No.3

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    [:en]A new masterpiece by Miroslavo, created on a canvas of 24x19cm with acrylics and spray, brilliantly captures the current climate that we are in right now. War, pandemic, economic and environmental crises. This painting touches the subject of motivation and state of mind during tough times and encourages the viewer to think about what to do in such moments. With the use of Miroslavo’s traditional techniques of spatcheling, a full-colour palette and tubing (a form of splashing) as well as a borrowed stencil technique famed by a street artist Bansky, he delivers an explicit message with a street-like feel while retaining the abstract nature of his artwork and beautifully evoking hope, beauty and motivation in uneasy times.[:]

  • Original and Meaningful Abstract Paintings


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  • Original and Meaningful Abstract Paintings

    Many Men

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    [:en]Many Men is a large scale painting exploring masculinity in today’s society. With its black, white and gold colours, it produces an elegant piece which subtly hides its content in a highly abstract yet suggestive way.[:]

  • Original and Meaningful Abstract Paintings


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  • Original and Meaningful Abstract Paintings

    Structured Chaos

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  • Original and Meaningful Abstract Paintings


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    Even the most abstract of art and ideas are extracted from something we are all very familiar with.

  • Original and Meaningful Abstract Paintings

    A.merican D.ream

     1.800 Incl. VAT Add to cart

    [:en]A.merican D.ream is a painting created in the fall of 2021. It takes a unique shot at the American Dream and overall what it represents for the author. It plays with the abbreviation A.D., which can in addition to the aforementioned, symbolise Anno Domini or ad and uses various techniques, colours and symbols to communicate the impressions and opinion on The American Dream.

    “The American Dream for me represents an ideal or a place where I have the freedom to express myself, inspire others with those expressions, be around people who have the willingness and means to drive a social change and finally have personal and financial success from that endeavour. However, like with any set of ideals, there are drawbacks. It’s called a dream for a reason and I choose to treat it as such. It’s an inspiration for me, a spiritual message and an ad on freedom, success and equality. It can help a person greatly, but one must understand why it exists and its purpose to benefit from that ethos.” — Miroslavo.

    It’s a deeply symbolic painting that will satisfy the need to have a beautiful and colourful piece as well as meaningful and provocative.[:]

  • Original and Meaningful Abstract Paintings

    Brighter Future

     2.000 Incl. VAT Add to cart

    Brighter future is the one of the most beautiful pieces of Miroslavo’s Spring 2021. Painted on a conservative 100x80cm canvas, it combines explosive and smooth movements while expressing its message through the artist’s signature and the partially hidden underpainting. The vibrance and colourfulness of this painting is truly magical and has the ability to bring enormous energy and brightness into any space. Additionally, the painted sides create a depth for the piece and create a 3D effect, a fine little detail having a large impact on the overall impression of the artwork.

    Brighter Future expresses a view on the current situation of the society which is starting to recover from a world pandemic and the effects it had on a personal level as well as the global society level. This painting does explore some painful and sad feelings generated from the experience of the world’s latest events, but demonstrates the hopeful and positive outlook for things to come. A symbolic, intelligent and balanced masterpiece.

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