Professional Soul Searching Creates Miroslavo

I recently finalised my “professional soul searching”. I decided to integrate all my design, photography, engineering, art services and other related business activities under one roof. Everything is now MIROSLAVO, a pseudonym created from my birth name that has risen from my artistic journey. The style of the logo and brand’s philosophy remains the same, except now it has an extra O, and all is located on a new domain Continue reading Professional Soul Searching Creates Miroslavo

One Always Returns to Those Places Where He Loves Life. Isla Holbox.

Isla Holbox, México located north of the Yucatán peninsula is a place where humans have kept its virginity in check. With its raw nature, the wonderful Caribbean and tasteful cuisine, it remains one of the few last places where you can experience peace, tranquillity and great energy without being too distracted by tourism, Americanisation or construction sites. Continue reading One Always Returns to Those Places Where He Loves Life. Isla Holbox.

Back to The Basics.

I was doing something quite simple lately and made this trivial mistake. It was then when I realised, that actually what was happening is that I was not respecting the basic fundamentals of thinking. A truly remarkable personal discovery, as keeping them in check now enables me to not having to come back to something 6 times. In fact, it has improved every part of my life.

As a tribute to that, Miroslavo, the artist, made a drawing to express our feelings visually. It was made during the creation of this post, right after I finished the “back then” last sentence.