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An art gallery is a space usually privately owned that focuses on promoting and selling artwork of the artists that it represents. It can be owned by an artist himself selling his own work or by an art dealer who represents artists. Galleries are usually places where people go to question things about the self, society and observe the aesthetic quality that artists project into their work.

There are brick-and-mortar galleries which sell through their space usually very well designed with strong lighting. They organise vernissages and exhibitions which puts them in physical interaction with the collectors and artists. The beauty lies in the social interaction that happens when things happen this way.

There are also online art/virtual galleries which have arisen from the technology age and are gaining a lot of popularity. They offer collectors and enthusiasts the opportunity to buy art from the comforts of their laptops or mobile devices from anywhere in the world. The big advantage an online gallery has over its predecessor is that it’s not location limited. Today’s shipping companies can deliver anywhere in the world at affordable costs. This gives immense accessibility to art and opportunity for artists as well as brick-and-mortar galleries to reach new markets and grounds.

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