We respect the environmental, social and economic impacts of our doing

Path with trees in PortoAt Miroslavo, we are aware of terms such as sustainability, carbon footprint, environmentally friendly, etc. We work hard to make decisions based on sustainability principles. Whether it’s designing a new product or creating a painting, Miroslavo tries to employ sustainable measures to minimalise carbon footprint.

Examples of our sustainable practices:

  • Work with manufacturers who employ sustainable principles such as recycling and upcycling unused material.
  • We use print material such as business cards made from cotton offcuts that are a waste from the fashion industry.
  • Reusing unused paper for another purpose.
  • Using public transport, human powered vehicles or simply walking to minimise carbon emmissions
  • Separating organic and nonorganic trash
  • Minimising the use of plastic bottles, tools and objects whenever possible

We also try to improve our understanding and search for more sustainable ways to achieve a goal. We see sustainability as a mission and more now than ever we see that it’s important to direct ourselves towards sustainability.

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Propose us ways to be even more sustainable

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