Respecting the environmental, social, and economic impacts of our doing

Flying birds of Isla Holbox, Mexico, Yucatan.

I’m aware of terms such as sustainability, carbon footprint, environmentally friendly, etc. I work hard to make decisions based on sustainability principles. Whether it’s designing a new product or creating a painting, I try to employ sustainable measures to minimise my carbon footprint and promote it amongst my clientele.

I also work with sustainable companies with whom I design and develop new product ideas with sustainability principles in mind.

Examples of my sustainable practices:

  • Harvard Business School Online certificate for Miroslav Stiburek.Work with manufacturers who employ sustainable principles such as recycling and upcycling unused material.
  • Reusing unused paper for another purpose.
  • Using public transport, human-powered vehicles or simply walking to minimize carbon emissions.
  • Minimizing the use of plastic bottles, tools, and objects whenever possible.
  • Using services that tackle food-waste issues.
  • Upcycling clothing and turning it into something new and fresh.
  • Buying products and services that employ sustainability principles.
  • I plant trees to offset CO2 emissions in collaboration with Tree-Nation
  • I’m educated and certified by Harvard Business School on matters of sustainability, business, and strategy.
  • The website you are on now is considered CO2 neutral, as the carbon footprint is measured and offset by planting trees.

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