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    Patterned Genius Mug

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    Whether you’re drinking your morning coffee, evening tea, or something in between—this mug’s for you! It’s sturdy and glossy, with Miroslavo’s art printed on, that’ll withstand the microwave and dishwasher.

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    Lust, Power & Sex (Black)

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    Lust, Power & Sex (Red)

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    Battle Royal

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    [:en]Is The Flag Still There is a US-inspired acrylic painting made on a canvas of size 146x114cm.

    The painting is dominated by the flag of the United States of America and derives most of its symbolism from the national anthem, “The Star-Spangled Banner” and events in the history of the country.

    Even though the painting takes a pride stance in the expression of some of the things that characterise the United States, it doesn’t derail from its purpose as a piece of art and takes an honest and authentic approach towards the matter at hand.[:]

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    Game Changer

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    [:en]The latest large-format artwork by Miroslavo, inspired by the US. This time a more abstract depiction of the country with a show of colours and techniques. A painting that hides beauty, an almost heavenly like energy, but also quite evil and chaotic one.⁠

    It’s a complex piece as it hides quite a bit within itself, however, the top layer which has been sprayed on helps to quickly provide a key hint on this painting’s symbolism.⁠

    Inspired from the most concrete of things like the Mesa Arch, US flag, American lands, to the most abstract things like fear, love and peace. It talks about a specific country, but also about the individual self as a whole. ⁠

    In its simplest form, you will see beautiful colours and a couple of fun doodles. In its most philosophical way, you might notice a fight between good and evil, the willingness to change the rules of a game or humanity itself.[:]

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    Pink and Blue

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    Pink and Blue is an original painting, of size 46×38 cm, in Miroslavo’s Single Collection, which uses only a few colours and techniques to deliver its aesthetic and symbolic value to the observer.

    It’s a highly abstract piece with a pink background and the artist’s signature technique in blue. The piece is finalised by an action painting technique producing pink splatters across the painting and Miroslavo’s signature in the bottom left corner.

    This artwork is a beautiful and masterful showcase of his experience, maturity, and techniques in a highly minimalistic way.

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