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Hi! I’m a contemporary artist based in Barcelona. My way to express myself is through painting and that I love doing it. Painting provides me with an outlet to channel what I have to say. Since I was a very small kid, I had something to say about life, society and human psychology. I also had a business spirit in me, I still remember selling my drawings in the place where I grew up as a kid. I have gone a long way since then. But growing up, the system, the environment, and my upbringing didn’t let me pursue an artistic career straight away. It was not until I was 29 that I started painting. At that time (end of 2016), I moved to Barcelona and began investing more and more time into creating art. For the first 3 years here, I was only painting in my apartment and improving very quickly with every piece. After those years creating, I started going outside to make live painting performances in the streets. The same year, I started exhibiting in local bars, restaurants, and cafes as well as launching my own online art gallery to present my work as a buyable product. And in 2020, I signed a deal with a Barcelona-based art gallery and agreed on my first solo exhibition in the Czech Republic that will take place in the summer.

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