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Tap Water Filter

Miroslavo studio was approached by TAPP towards the end of 2020 with a few challenges they were facing with their new product development.

We studied all aspects of their current design, methods and solutions, and through research and development, we proposed new solutions that would achieve the projects’ objectives and bring the product to mass production.

Through our own prototyping workshop, we developed prototypes to test solutions, finding a way to meet all functional objectives and achieve the highest water filtration possible.

After a few months of design and development we successfully achieved the desired results and the client reported the highest water quality in the history of the firm. Subsequently, the product was launched in July 2021.

What our client says

“Miroslav has been working on various projects for TAPP Water during 2020 and 2021. It has been a pleasure working together with such a goal driven person. He has shown great flexibility, fast but detailed work always delivering on time. With his own equipment he was able to prototype and solve several problem and draw backs. I am looking forward for future collaborations.” 

— Alexander Schwarz, Founder of TAPP Water S.L.


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